Latest Hobbywing ESC

Have you ever worried about the controller (ESC) overheating? Now it has been solved. We made a high-efficiency radiator and cooperated with Hobbywing to integrate the Hobbywing ESC directly on the radiator. In this way it not only looks cool, but also has the most efficient heat dissipation capability. You don't need to worry about the overheating anymore.


Molicel Battery

Battery is the most important and expensive part in a board. Nowadays most brands use unknown or poor quality battery cells. But Tynee uses famous Molicel battery cells. It has more power. more reliable quality and more circle life.


Hobbywing Motors

Most of the motors on the market have rough appearance, low precision, loud noise, heavy weight, and poor quality. But the Hobbywing motor truly achieves high precision, high quality, high performance, low weight and exquisite appearance. This is due to hobbywing's accumulation of technology in drones and other motors for many years.


Tynee PE Truck

Many people ignore the importance of a good truck to a E-board. This has led to many E-board brands still using poor quality public mold trucks. But in fact, a good truck can determine the riding experience of a E-board. Tynee designed a new truck based on the Paris V3 43° and reduced the height by 4mm. improved the stability at high speed and retained the excellent carving experience. This is the best truck for electric skateboard at present.

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