Tynee Mini 2 Electric Skateboard VS Exway Wave Electric Skateboard

Portable mini electric skateboards are very convenient for daily commuting. They are easy to carry and fun to ride. Among all the short electric skateboards. Tynee mini 2 and Exway wave are recognized as kings and loved by customers. Today, let's compare Tynee mini 2 and Exway wave in depth.

Tynee Mini 2 (363Wh) Exway Wave (180Wh)
Price $599 $689
Top Speed 30 mph/ 48 kph 23 mph/ 38 kph
Range 25 miles/ 40 km 12 miles/ 20 km
Hill Climbing 30% 25%
Battery 12S2P Molicel 363Wh 10S2P 180Wh
Power System 12S 50.4V 10S 42V
ESC 12S Hobbywing ESC 10S Hobbywing ESC
Motor Hobbywing Motor Hobbywing Motor
Built-in Brake Light Yes Yes
OLED Remote Screen Yes Yes
Full Protection Pad Front pad+brake pad Brake pad
Weight 16.9 lbs / 7.7 Kg 15.0 lbs / 6.9kg 

Battery & Range

Tynee mini 2 use famous Molicel 12S2P 363Wh battery. You can get up to 25 miles / 40 km range. While Exway wave use 10S2P 180Wh battery. You can get up to 12 miles / 20 km range. So you will get more range on Tynee mini 2. And Tynee mini 2 battery capacity is twice that of Exway wave. Which means you will get longer battery lifespan on Tynee mini 2. Because if you ride the board for 1000 km. On Tynee mini 2 you only need to charge and discharge the battery for 25 times (cycles). But on Exway wave you may need to charge it and discharge it for 50 times (cycles). So Tynee's battery will decay slower and have a longer lifespan. As we all known, all the batteries will gradually decay over time. leading to a decrease in capacity. So we recommend customers buy a bigger battery for their board. For example. If you want 20 km range. if you get a small battery. You may feel the range is enough in the beginning. But after some time of using. You may find the range drop to 12 km and it doesn’t meet your requirement anymore. Then you have to buy a new battery and usually the battery is very expensive. So you will cost more. But if you buy a bigger battery in the beginning. For example you buy a board which can get 35-40 km range. Even after a long period of use. You may still get 30 km range. So it can still meet your requirement. So you don’t need to buy a new battery. You spend a little more in the beginning but save a lot in the future. And you don’t need to charge your board frequently. This will save a lot of time and be more convenient to use in daily life.


Hot swappable battery or not ?

Exway wave did a great job in hot swappable battery. Many customers may ask why Tynee mini 2 didn’t use hot swappable battery? Because Tynee's product philosophy is practicality and stability. The more simple. The more stable. Hot swappable battery structure will add some extra weight and it’s not good for water-resistance. With simple battery structure. We can do better on water resistance. And with a big 363wh battery. 99% customers don’t have the demand to swap the battery because the range is totally enough. And the cost of one 363wh battery is lower than two 180wh batteries. So customers will get products with better cost-effectiveness. So we hope to provide customers with the bigger battery capacity directly so that they don't need to swap the battery. Even if you want to swap the battery of Tynee mini 2. It’s also very easy. Just remove the 6 screws on the battery enclosure and you can swap it in 3-5 minutes.


If I want to bring the board on the plane. What should I do?

You can buy a 99wh battery via the link below. Then swap it on the Tynee mini 2. Then you can bring it on the plane.


Power System & Voltage Sag

Tynee mini 2 use 12S 50.4V power system and 50.4V Molicel 363wh battery. While Exway wave use 10S 42V power system and 180wh battery. So you will get more torque and much less voltage sag on Tynee mini 2. Because 12S power system has higher efficiency than 10S power system.

*Voltage sag: when you ride the board. the torque and max speed will reduce obviously when the battery is running low. You will feel the board become weaker and weaker. Usually we need to improve the power system voltage and use bigger capacity battery to reduce the voltage sag.


ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) & Motors

Both Tynee mini 2 and Exway wave use hobbywing ESC and Hobbywing hub motors. So the riding experience is very similar. The only difference is that Tynee mini 2 use 12S hobbywing ESC and you will suffer less voltage sag. And Exway wave has an app to customize the settings on phones.

OLED Screen Remote

Both Tynee mini 2 and Exway wave use the OLED screen remote. The only difference is Tynee mini 2 remote screen is a little bigger. And the remote battery capacity (800 mAh) of Tynee mini 2 is bigger so you don’t need to charge the remote frequently.

Full Protection

Tynee mini 2 comes with front protective pad and brake pad. While Exway wave comes with brake pad.

Tynee mini 2 brake pad


Final Thoughts

Both tynee mini 2 and Exway wave are great mini electric skateboards. You can choose either of them. But if you want better performance (more torque. More range. More speed…). We recommend you get Tynee mini 2 electric skateboard.

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