Tynee Mini 2 Electric Skateboard VS Meepo Mini 5 Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards become more and more popular. As Boosted mini exits the market. The two most popular short electric skateboard brands on the market are the Tynee Mini 2 and Meepo Mini 5. They are both great boards. Let's compare them in detail.


Tynee Mini 2 (Hub motor) Meepo Mini 5 (ER)
Price $599 $599
Top Speed 30 mph/48 kph 28 mph/45 kph
Range 25 miles/ 40 km 20 miles/ 32 km
Hill Climbing 30% 18%
Battery 12S2P Molicel 363Wh 10S2P No-brand 288Wh
Power System 12S 50.4V 10S 42V
ESC 12S Hobbywing ESC 10S Lingyi ESC
Motor Hobbywing 700W Unite 500W
Built-in Brake Light Yes No
OLED Remote Screen Yes No
Full Protection Pad Front pad+brake pad No
Wheels Options 105mm Cloudwheels Not compatible with 105mm cloudwheels
Weight 16.9 lbs / 7.7 Kg 19.0lbs / 8.62kg 


Tynee mini 2 use famous Molicel 12S2P 363wh big battery. While meepo mini 5 use 10S2P 288wh battery(meepo doesn’t show the brand). So Tynee mini 2 will get more range than meepo mini 5. And because Molicel cells have longer circle life than other battery cells so the Molicel battery will have longer lifespan. And Molicel cells also have better performance in low temperature environments. So if your city is cold in winter, we strongly recommend choosing Molicel battery cells.

Power System

Tynee mini 2 use 12S 50.4V high voltage power system. While meepo mini 5 use 10S 42V power system. With 12S higher voltage power system. You will get more torque. more efficiency. Less heat. Longer lifespan of electronic components. And you will not suffer the voltage sag on 12S power system. So if your budget is enough. We recommend you get 12S power system electric skateboard.

ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)

Tynee mini 2 use 12S hobbywing latest V5.0 ESC. While meepo mini 5 use 10S Lingyi ESC. Hobbywing ESC is smoother in control and it has very reliable quality (After one year of normal use, the failure rate is less than 0.2%).


Tynee mini 2 has two motor options. Hub motors and belt motors. While meepo mini 5 only provide hub motors. Tynee mini 2 use the hobbywing hub motors which have higher energy efficiency ratio. That’s why tynee mini 2 hub motors are 0.8kg lighter than meepo mini 5 hub motors. So you will find even Tynee mini 2 use a much bigger capacity (363Wh) battery than Meepo mini 5 (288Wh). The weight of Tynee mini 2 (16.9 lbs / 7.7 Kg) is even lighter than Meepo mini 5 (19.0lbs / 8.62kg). And if you choose the belt motors. You will get even better riding experience (belt motors have more torque and more comfort than hub motors).

Built-in Brake Light

Tynee mini 2 has a built-in brake light. Which is safer when you ride it at night. You can control the brake light by your remote. While meepo mini 5 doesn’t have the light.

Tynee mini 2 built-in brake light

OLED Screen Remote

Tynee mini 2 remote is OLED screen remote. While meepo mini 5 remote doesn’t have a screen. So you can see all the riding data (like speed. Battery. Range. Trip. Gear…) on the Tynee mini 2 remote screen easily.

Full Protection

Tynee mini 2 comes with front protective pad and brake pad. Which will protect your deck and let your board last longer. While meepo mini 5 doesn’t have the font and brake pad.

Tynee Mini 2 Brake Pad

Wheels Options

About 85% customers want to upgrade their wheels after they get their boards. Tynee mini 2 provides 105mm cloudwheels for both hub motors and belt motors. That’s a huge improvement in riding comfort after you swap to 105mm cloudwheels. While meepo mini 5 couldn’t use 105mm cloudwheels. So if you want to upgrade to the cloudwheels in the future. We recommend you get tynee mini 2.

Tynee Mini 2 with Cloudwheels

In a word. Both Tynee mini 2 and Meepo mini 5 are great boards. But if you are willing to pay a little more to get a better riding experience. We recommend you get Tynee mini 2 electric skateboard. 

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