How to build a good electric skateboard?

How to build an electric skateboard?

1. First, it is the inspection procedure of all materials. Check whether the deck is scratched, how about the charging and discharging performance of the battery, and whether the motor operates normally, etc.

2. Assemble the XT60 wire to the deck. Assemble the wheels to the front truck. Then lock the truck on the deck.Electric-Skateboard-TruckBuild Electric Skateboard Wheels

3. Assemble the motors to the rear truck, then lock the screws. Lock the rear truck on the deck.

Assemble Electric Skateboard Motor

Use some screw glue to prevent the screw from loosening.

Use Electric Skateboard Screws Glue

Build Electric Skateboard enclosures

4. Assemble the controller in the controller box and put on waterproof glue.

Assemble Tynee Board ESC With Waterproof Glue

5. Put the battery in the battery box, install the charging port, use the waterproof glue to protect it from water damage, and then use some foam for buffer protection.

Electric Skateboard Battery And ESC6. Connect the battery to the XT60 cable. use some waterproof glue to prevent water from entering. Then lock the battery on the deck.

Assemble Electric Skateboard Battery

7. Connect the controller with the motors and XT60 wire, hold on the power button of remote control and the power button of the controller at the same time to pair the remote control with the controller, Then use the remote control to check whether the motors’ rotation direction is correct.Lock the controller box on the deck.

Assemble Electric Skateboard ESC

Protect Electric Skateboard Screws

8. Paste the grip tape on the deck. then the whole electric skateboard is assembled.

Paste Electric Skateboard Grip Tape

Finish Tynee E Skateboard

Charge the electric skateboard full. And then put it on the test shelves for discharge test. Turn on the skateboard and let it rotate without load at the highest speed until the battery is totally empty. 

Test Electric Skateboard

Then charge the battery full, discharge it to 60-70% capacity. then test it by rider and inspect the acceleration, deceleration and braking. 

After all, clean the skateboard. Done!

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As a student I am really happy to learning this important electronics product.

Michael H. Mathew January 26, 2022

Howdy! This looks really sick. As an electrical engineering student, it’s interesting learning how you built this. Perhaps I can make this into a project, albeit not as good specs lol

John Galt January 18, 2022

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