Are electric skateboards good for beginners?

Yes, electric skateboards are good for beginners. Even if you have no experience in skateboarding at all, you can learn it in 1 minute.

Electric skateboard originated from the traditional skateboard which is added the electric power system, so you don't have to use your feet to push the skateboard forward. You could control the skateboard’s acceleration, deceleration and braking through the wireless remote control in your hand. It's an evolution of traditional skateboard. 

Compared with the traditional skateboard, the electric skateboard could let you enjoy the unlimited caring and high-speed passion.

Carving On Tynee Skateboard

So how to ride an electric skateboard as a beginner?

First, Do a simple test to show which foot is more flexible and then put it on the front of the deck.

The test is very simple. Put your feet together. Close your eyes and relax. then let a person push you from behind gently, the foot which you take first is the more flexible foot and you can put it on the front of the deck. and put another foot behind.

Test Which Leg Should be Put In Front of Tynee Board

Now you could step on the skateboard. When you step on the deck, hold the remote control and let the skateboard brake to reduce the sliding.

Step On Tynee Electric Skateboard

It's suggested to keep your feet apart for balance. When you want to accelerate, lean your body's center of gravity forward. When you want to slow down or brake, lean your body's center of gravity backward. Try it a few times and you'll get it. Turning is also controlled by your body's center of gravity. When you want to turn left, lean your body's center of gravity to the left, while turning right lean to the right. Since we use the body’s center of gravity instead of steering wheel to control the directions, it’s more fun to ride.

Next, you can enjoy your ride through the remote control. The function diagram of the remote control is as follows. It is suggested that whether you are accelerating or braking, please roll the control wheel slowly to avoid losing balance due to the suddenly big acceleration or braking torque.


Finally, Please always wear a helmet.

Is it very simple? If you want to get one, please click the link below.

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