Ride electric skateboard to avoid Covid-19?

Life is the most important. Since March 2020 the COVID-19 has spread worldwide. It's terrible to be infected with the COVID-19 because many countries don’t have enough medical conditions to treat COVID-19 patient. And even for those who have been cured, many of them still have a lot of sequelae. We should cherish our lives and keep away from the COVID-19.

Then how could we keep away from the COVID-19? That's to stay away from the crowded places as far as possible, such as buses, subways and so on.

So today we recommend an interesting commuting tool-Tynee board Pro, which is not only small in size, light in weight, easy to charge and carry, but also has a long range which you could get 36km per charge. With this commuting tool, you don't have to go to work or school by bus or subway. In this way. when you ride your Tynee board classic and wear a mask. shuttle along the road away from the crowd. Your probability of being infected are greatly reduced. And it looks cool.

Best Electric Skateboard-Tynee Board

For those who are far away from work, you can put the Tynee board in the trunk of the car. When it’s not convenient to use the car for a short distance, you could take out the Tynee board from the trunk to go where you want.

Put Tynee Board In Car

With this electric skateboard, we can stay away from public transportation as far as possible, such as shared-bikes, shared-scooters and so on. Because they are not safe.  

And it's very easy to carry, you can drag it like this. The weight is only about 7.5 kg, and it's very convenient to hold.

Drag Tynee Electric Skateboard By Hand

It's also easy to charge anywhere. For example, you can put a charger in your office and another at home, so that you can charge your skateboard at any time.

Take Tynee Electric Skateboard Everywhere

In some places, when you put your electric bike outside, it may be stolen, but for the Tynee board. You could keep it in your office or at home without worrying about being stolen.

Take Tynee Skateboard In Office

When you want to go for coffee but it’s unnecessary to drive a car for a short distance, please ride your Tynee board, it will make you very happy to get to the coffee shop and looks very cool.

Ride Tynee Electric Skateboard To Coffee

Finally, everyone has his own freedom and love. Take this skateboard and pursue your freedom and love.

Fantastic Carving On Tynee Board

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* To ensure you safety, all Tynee employees have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

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