Best Intelligent Electric Skateboard Tynee Board Pro
Best Intelligent Electric Skateboard Tynee Board Pro
Tynee Board Pro With Cloudwheels
Tynee Pro Board With Cloudwheels
Best Intelligent Electric Skateboard Tynee Board Pro
Best Intelligent Electric Skateboard Tynee Board Pro
Best Intelligent Electric Skateboard Tynee Board Pro
Best Intelligent Electric Skateboard Tynee Board Pro
Best Intelligent Electric Skateboard Tynee Board Pro

Belt Drive Electric Skateboard-Tynee Board Pro

● Hobbywing ESC + Hobbywing 2*875W belt motors.
● IMPORTED Samsung 25R top grade battery.
● Up to 22 miles/35 km range.
● 12 months long warranty. 




Enjoy More Fun With Belt Driven Electric Skateboard


Tynee Board Powerful Torque


Belt drive skateboard offers more torque on both acceleration and braking. and it eats hills as breakfast.

Tynee Board Comfortable Riding


Belt motor drive board is more comfortable and has better shock absorption because it’s equipped with 4 free wheels. 

Tynee Board Great Control


The acceleration and braking curves of belt drive skateboard are more linear and direct, and the control is more smooth.




● Slow mode : 0-9 mph/15 kph.
● Normal mode: 0-15 mph/25 kph.
● Fast mode: 0-18 mph/30 kph.
● Turbo mode: 0-23 mph/38 kph.


● 5.0 Ah Samsung battery : 12 miles/19 km .
● 8.7 Ah long range battery: 22 miles/35 km.

Hill Climbing

● 25-30%

Tynee Electric Skateboard High Performance

in this price range


Tynee Board Pro Electric SkateboardTynee Board Pro E Skateboard

● Hobbywing Controller——There are only 2 kinds of controllers in the world, one is Hobbywing controller, the other is other controllers. Hobbywing is extolled as the Inter of electric skateboarding industry. Although other brands of controllers are much cheaper in price, but the control experience and quality are not very good.

● Hobbywing Motor——There are many motors produced by small brand manufacturers on the market, but the motor produced by big brand Hobbywing has the advantages of more stable, reliable, lower noise, longer life and so on. The safety of the electric skateboard is very important. Choosing a big brand motor will be safer.

● Real Samsung 25R Cells Battery——Battery is the most expensive part in an electric skateboard, so many manufacturers will cut the cost of the battery by using poor quality battery cells and low quality BMS, but it is very unsafe to use low-quality batteries, some even cause short circuit, fire and other accidents, so please do not choose the cheap skateboard with inferior battery to save dozens of dollars. Tynee board Pro use the real Samsung 25R cells battery with reliable quality, high discharge ability of 40A, very few voltage sags and long service life. If you don't know how to choose batteries, it's always right for you to choose Samsung 25R.

● Real Canadian Maple Deck——At present, many rubbish-skateboard manufacturers on the market claim that they use Canadian maple. We once visited a company that makes electric skateboards. Their skateboards are rubbish, but they still claim that they use Canadian maple. The fact is that they are not even using ordinary maple, but the worst miscellaneous wood. We hate this way of cheating customers and will never do it. Tynee board Pro uses genuine Canadian maple deck and it’s produced by the same deck supplier as evolve skateboards. It has the advantages of high strength, high toughness, proper elasticity and very good foot feeling. If you haven't tried Canadian Maple deck before, have a try please.

● PE Truck Upgraded From Paris V3——Good truck is the soul of skateboard. Tynee board Pro uses PE truck upgraded from Paris V3, it retains all the excellent carving experience and reduces the height by 4mm, making the center of gravity lower and let it be more stable at high speed. The PE truck is made of high strength A356.2 aluminum alloy and 45 steel axles with T6 heat treatment, it’s very strong and we offer a lifetime warranty.

● Remote Control Turn on/off the Skateboard——You can turn on/off the skateboard through the power button on the remote control. When you turn on the remote control, the skateboard will turn on at the same time. When you turn off the remote control, the skateboard will turn off at the same time. From then on, it’s unnecessary to bend down to turn on/off the skateboard. It is very convenient and easy to use.

● OLED Screen Remote Control——There is a OLED screen on the remote and it’s easy to read speed, current mileage, total mileage, power, gear and other riding data.

Excellent Riding Experience

● Carving——Concave Canadian maple deck with PE truck provide fantastic caring experience.

● Acceleration——the unique smooth acceleration control of Hobbywing controller with the excellent dynamic response of belt motor make the acceleration process very linear and smooth, More torque and better control.

● Brakes——belt motors also provide more braking torque than hub motors. and it’s very linear. Making you feel very confident when braking.

● Shock Absorption—— Four 90mm * 62 eccentric 78A free wheels bring great shock absorption. The eccentric structure design makes the shock absorption better. and it has wider (62mm) wheels for better grip, stability and control.

● Foot Feeling——The real Canadian maple deck provides excellent foot feeling, with a little elasticity and very stable when stepping on it. It's far better than the terrible foot feeling brought by those poor-quality decks.

Other Details

Tynee Board Hobbywing ESC With Excellent Radiator

Excellent and Beautiful Radiator

it’s not only a controller, but also a radiator. It increases the contact surface with the air to improve the heat dissipation capacity, avoid the damage of the controller due to excessive temperature, and extend the service life.

The Combination of Rough Sand & Fine Sand

46# rough sand is used to increase the grip of the back foot, and 60# fine sand makes your front foot feel more gentle.

Tynee Board Electric Skateboard Grip Tape
Tynee Electric Skateboard Hide Screws Design

Design of No Screw Hole

Looks more integrated, more simple, beautiful and prevent the screws from rusting.

Reliable and Beautiful Charging Port Cover

Due to the poor quality of the charging port cover on the market, we customized the special cover which has beautiful appearance and reliable protection.

Tynee Electric Skateboard Customized Charging Port


Electric Skateboard Package Contents

What's in the box?

●  1 Completely assembled Tynee board.
●  1 Smart OLED screen remote control.
●  1 Certified adapter and charger.
●  1 Skate tool.
●  1 Charging cable of remote control.
●  2 Extra belts.
●  1 Manual book.
●  Spare screw set.

Product Specification

Product ModelTynee Board Pro
Speed Mode
  • Slow mode : 0-9 mph/15 kph.
  • Normal mode: 0-15 mph/25 kph.
  • Fast mode: 0-18 mph/30 kph.
  • Turbo mode: 0-23 mph/38 kph.

5.0 Ah Samsung battery : 12 miles/19 km .

8.7 Ah long range battery: 22 miles/35 km .

Hill Climbing25-30%
Max power1260W 
Battery Capacity5.0 Ah: 180 Wh
8.7 Ah: 313 Wh
Battery Cells
5.0 Ah: SAMSUNG  INR18650-25R
8.7 Ah: DMEGC INR18650-29E
Battery Discharge5.0 Ah: 40A
8.7 Ah: 30A
Battery Type18650 Li-ion Battery
ESC ManufacturerHobbywing
ESC Max Current Limit30A
Remote on/off the BoardYes
Motor ManufacturerHobbywing
Motor Power2*875 W
Deck MaterialReal Canadian Maple
Deck TpyeConcave
Deck Layers8-layers
Max Load330 lbs / 150 kg
Wheels90mm*62mm SHR78A
Truck7 inches, 43°
Charging Time2~4 H
Waterproof RatingIP54
Board Weight5.0 Ah: 16.5 lbs / 7.5 Kg.
8.7 Ah: 17.6 lbs / 8.0 Kg
Board Dimension


12 Months Warranty Policy

Tynee board provides 12 months warranty service. Such a long warranty period comes from our confidence in quality. We will provide free after-sales service in case of any quality problems within 12 months from the date you receive your board. 

7 Days Return Policy

Within 7 days after you receive the board, if you don't like the board and the package is not opened and the board is not used. You can use your return right to contact our customer service to return your board and get your money back.

Why We Sell Such A Great Product So Cheap ?


We don't run ads. If we run Google /Facebook/other ads like other competitors. it will add $50 cost per board. Every customer's money is hard won. We don't want our customers to pay so much for these ads instead of for the product itself.


Tynee insists on selling with extremely low profit. When most competitors sell with 25-50% profit (some brands are even higher than 50%), Tynee insists on selling with only 10% profit.


Tynee use Shopify+PayPal to build online store and collect the payment. which cost only 3.9% (Shopify 0.5%+PayPal 3.4%) transaction fee. While Amazon collect 15% transaction fee. which means you save 11% on all your payment. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Maribel M.
Simply the Best!

This Tynee powered board is as good if not better than the other, more expensive brands. I couldn’t be happier with the customer service, product packaging, presentation and workmanship! Five stars all the way around!

Faustino I.A.
Built Tuff , Durable, Strong , Fast and Smooth!

If I had a Rental business. I would definitely use this skateboard because it's made of high quality parts , compare to the other brands that's focused on just Cheap speed ! This will last and hold its value.. Don't settle for those other Brands Just to save money , it will cheapen your experience. Buy with confidence and rest assured that you will be thrilled and Proud that you are getting your money's worth . I own 2 other skateboards around the same price. A hub and a belt and they perform similar. The Tynee Pro truly set itself a part from them. The controller has a strong signal very smooth and linear. It's not jumpy when you hold the throttle steady unlike the other boards that sometimes unexpectedly spikes speed . Enough about what you want to hear is how fast I got it to go and how far ? Yes it will go 23mph on flat, my average top speed with my weight of 190lbs is to 22mph and the range I'm getting with the 8.7ah battery from fast to cruzing is 14 to 18 miles
I'm 48 years old and never would have thought I would be having this much fun and excitement with a electric skateboard. It is way safer than I thought it to be with this board. I've owned the pro for 2 weeks and rack up 225 miles ! And still solid and performs like new, no rattling or vibrating sounds. 👍 and one last thing ? this could be a deal breaker 😆 the charging port cover ! It's easy to put in and stays in ! This is a weak point for the other Brands! And the cause of an avoidable malfunction.

Daniel D.
Excellent board! Top quality!

I love this board and it's very fun to ride. it has the smoothest acceleration and brakes of all I have tried. I am also impressed with the quality and the customer service was great and had quick responses. I would certainly purchase from tynee again!

Kyle F.
Great board! I love it!

Great fun and great quality! I can't even describe how much fun it is!! Thanks tynee team!!

Thanks for your support for Tynee. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. thanks.