Tynee was founded by two engineering students, Aiden and Mason. They heard that Shenzhen is the fastest growing city in China, and countless legends have been born here. So after they graduated from University, they came to Shenzhen and hope to make a difference here and create a good career. About us image

Since 2017, Aiden has started the business of the electric skateboards, started designing and manufacturing electric skateboards, and established an electric skateboard company, which became a famous company today. Later, due to the different business philosophy, He left the company he founded in partnership with others. Then he thought at home for four months. In these four months he did nothing, just thinking about where to go in the future. Later, he thought clearly that he must regroup and build a really great company again. This company does not have to be very big or make a lot of money, but it must create value for customers, adhere to integrity, justice and do the right things. So he need to find some people who are honest, conscientious & responsible, and have a dream to start a company again. He thought of Mason who has many years of experience in electric skateboard manufacturing and start a new company---Tynee. They hope to make Tynee a dedicated electric skateboard company which focus on providing users with good products, good services and good prices.

Tynee insists on not running online ads (such as Google/Facebook/INS/other ads. so you could't find Tynee's ads on the internet but you can find other brand's ads everywhere). Because if Tynee run these online ads like other competitors. it will add $50 cost per board which will be paid by the customers. When the customers buy the board they pay $50 for the ads but not for the products. Every customer's money is not easy. Tynee don't want its customers to pay so much for these ads instead of for the product itself. Tynee save that money to lower the price and provide better products. better service and longer warranty. 

Tynee is determined to be a conscientious company that makes consumers feel at ease. which means Tynee's products must be truly reliable, practical and durable, and never deceive consumers with inferior products or accessories. Therefore, Tynee's products dare to promise a 6-12 months long warranty period, this comes from our confidence in the quality and design of our products. At this point, Tynee has a more important pursuit than profit.

Tynee wants to be a really simple company. Customers place orders on our official website directly. Then Tynee send goods to consumers directly, removes all middleman and minimizes consumers' purchase costs. Compared with many sales businesses that need dealers, goods are not cheap when they reach consumers. Tynee hopes to make business easier and reduce the cost of consumers through direct access to consumers.

Tynee wants to really make customers feel cosseted. When customers shop on the website, they establish contact with Tynee. Tynee provides a 6-12 months free warranty for all Tynee boards, so that customers have no worries after receiving the products. Even if your product has problems after 6-12 months, Tynee will also help you. Tynee never makes money in after-sales service, but provides you with good and assured service.

Tynee hopes to bring happiness and freedom to your life, because Aiden, the founder of Tynee, used to be a hard-working person. Life itself is not easy, but electric skateboarding has given him motivation, happiness and freedom. Each of us living in this world should enjoy this happiness, this freedom, this relaxation, love the life and love ourselves. Tynee focuses on electric skateboarding and delivers this happiness to you.

Tynee means tiny. Because Tynee focuses on serving every tiny customer. (because "tiny" is a adjective so we use the made up word "Tynee"). And if our efforts can bring a tiny bit of happiness to customers every day. Then we insist on doing it for a long time, it will create great value for customers, and this is the meaning of our existence.