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Tynee Mini

I purchased the mini belt drive with the big battery and cloud wheels and so far have had a great time with the board(risers were included). I have gone 12 miles on a charge before (I weigh 120lb) and did not use all of the battery. I have put 100 miles on the board so far with no issues. I bought this board to use at college to get around putting around 3-7 miles a day. Great board for the price and would recommend if it is in your budget.

The best value, quality, and looking board on the market now!

This is definitely the best value, quality, looking mini board on the market, and I recommend it.

This is my third electric skate board, and no other board can beat this one.
I purchased the Hub motor version because I prefer a silent but powerful board. This gets the job done perfectly.

For the range test in city area, I could go 37km with the original tire, and 32km with the Cloud Wheel tires. (I weigh about 55kg)
From my experience, other brands tend to use the "Fake range results" to sell their boards, but Tynee never did this.
I like that Tynee is being a very transparent brand and when I had questions, Aiden himself always answered them with sincerity.
I can guarantee that he is a passionate and trustworthy business owner.

The deck shape and the track is prefect and easy to control even if your are in high speed.
The remote is responsive and has a display to show a lot of info you need.(battery level, total range traveled, and etc..)

Overall, I would love to recommend this board to everyone.
My advice is to get the cloud wheels, because even on smooth roads, your feet are gonna get a little tired after a log trip.
The Cloud Wheel will definitely erase the vibration and add comfort to your ride!
Thanks again for Tynee Board and Aiden for making this masterpiece.

Amazing Board, Outstanding Value!

I bought this board for my wife for her 50th birthday. She wanted to be able to join me on my adventures, but didn’t like riding a longboard. She and I saw a review from Scott Davies on YouTube and we were sold. I ordered it, didn’t choose the air shipping, and it took forever (45 days) but that was my fault for not paying for air shipping. The board arrived, and I decided to take it on a run to check for adjustments necessary. The trucks needed a tightening, but other than that it was spot on perfect! The board is so maneuverable and carves better than my longboards! Aiden has been nothing short of fantastic on communicating with me on everything. My only suggestions…
1. Order the board with cloud wheels so that you get the proper risers pre installed, and you have full capability of this wonderful “mini” board.
2. Order some bearings with extended inner races. This really quiets the chatter of the board.
If you are on the fence, go ahead and order it, you won’t find ANYTHING better at this price point. YouTube video placeholder
Great board

Although this is only my 2nd eskate, I am really enjoying it since it arrived. I've been riding it daily to work and with the cloud wheels, (must have in NYC), I can't complain. It smooth and with the strong motors its no problem uphills. I love it. My only is I wish it was more water proof. I use it to commute to work and don't have time to wait for sunny days to use it. And its been raining a bit lately.

Powerful Small board

I’m 90kg. I use the turbo mode exclusively and get cruising speeds of 35kmph and get a 19km range from that. Very fast board with great stability at top speeds. It handles hills very well. I can’t think of any other brand that offers these specifications for such an affordable price. My feedback: It would be great to offer a detachable battery so I can buy and use multiple batteries for longer trips. It would be nice to have the option for a fast charger as the current charge time is around 5 hours. This is the best board on the market!!!

Tynee Board Mini

Awesome board for the price. Came in quickly with no defects, and I love the added touches throughout the board. Definitely recommend for those looking for a high quality yet budget board.

The Ultra Board is Awesome

I have had a great experience with Tynee and I am very pleased with my purchase. They are very responsive to questions and a real pleasure to correspond with. I am a 190lb (86Kg) rider and this board is strong. The controller is very responsive and smooth. Pay close attention to the throttle with the amount of torque available. It surprisingly accelerates hard with a good balance of control. I am very pleased. I currently have the 90mm street wheels and they are smooth and quiet. I am expecting the off road conversion kit soon and I am really looking forward to expanding my riding areas.
Thank you Aiden for all of your help and I look forward to working with you in the future. The available accessories have me already thinking of a DIY project.

Portable Electric Skateboard-Tynee Board Mini

Off Road Pneumatic Wheels

really really powerful premium mini board

I am from Austria and i got my board wit fast shipping option really quick. And like promised without paying tax so the board really was shipped with tax free shipping.

Board Quality: it looks really good to me, well build and premium components, hobbywing esc and hobbywing motors

Remote: i have really big hands and the remote fits perfectly, you have 4 speeds including all speed also in reverse, you can see the battery level of the board and the remote, you can see the distance of the actual ride and the total distance of the board, remote looks and feels really premium

power: i am 92kg and 191cm, and the board drives like a monster, its so fast and powerfull that when you do a wheely when you select speed mode 2,3,4, crazy fast,
i mostly drive in speedmode 2 or 3, speedmode 4 is way to fast i think

mode 1: 15kmh
mode 2: 24-25kmh
mode 3: 30-32kmh
mode 4: 38kmh (but i dont know if it goes even faster because its so fast i dont wanna take my view of the street to check my speed ;-))

brakes: i have 3 e-skateboards and this board has by far the strongest brakes, but not so strong that you fly off, just perfect

i drove allready nearly 25km right now. First ride 15km and the board showed 2/4bars. Last ride 10km and board showed 3/4 bars. So i think with my weight i get arround 20-25km out of the 8.7ah battery. Thats really good and ok for me.

So far great product and would buy it again.

Hannes from Austria

Best Electric Skateboard-Tynee Board Ultra
Dar the Old man on a Skateboard
Tynee board ultra

The board arrived really quickly and I was impressed with the quality. I really think this is the best value electric skateboard on the market. I would happily recommend everyone interested to buy one. Aidan answered any queries I had and I couldn't be happier. I would be happy to review any Tynee boards for Aidan if he wants to send them to me.


Tynee ultra is more than I could have hoped! This is a very high quality product, smooth acceleration and effective braking. The torque is impressive and you feel it. it's fantastic. I highly recommend this board.

I'm absolutely 100% satisfied!

Awesome board. awesome range. So far everything is SOOOOOO Great! I love it and use it all the time. And aiden is very helpful and professional. he answered all my questions and responded quickly. Totally worth it. Love this tynee mini and I would recommend it to anyone.

Tynee exceeded all expectations ⚡️🔋💗🛹

All premium components. I am Sooooooo happy with this purchase

Tynee Mini

Best bang for your buck mini of 2021. Great power, range, and ride. I love riding around my neighborhood on it and my kids do too.

Best mini board with best price

Thanks Aiden for your support and beautiful product. Hope you succeed with your company.

One of my best purchases

I think this is the best short board on the market currently. Good quality board and components, everything as advertised. I'm very happy that I buy it!

Tynee Mini

I bought the Mini to use as a short-distance commuter - to bring into work and take to get lunch, etc.
I was nervous about riding a short board, having owned only long boards and AT boards previously.
But right away, the Mini felt great. The longer wheel base offers excellent stability and confidence. It is very powerful and handles great. You will not be disappointed!
The buying experience was also amazing - The Tynee team is super helpful. Looking forward to my next Tynee board.

Great product but better People

I could say many things about how good this skateboard is, but I think it's better to talk about how well I felt when dealing with Aiden and his Team. Aiden helped me with everything, he answered all my questions and I felt always that he cared about his customers. Also you can tell he really likes what he does. Hope business was done like this everytime.

Great purchase and service.

After 2 weeks waiting I received my tynee board mini. I can say its better than boosted mini in terms of the big 8.7Ah battery and the smooth ride. I am also impressed with the build quality and tynee's great customer service. Aiden always responds to me quickly. Would definitely recommend it.

Amazing and fun

It's absolutely amazing and fun. Couldn’t be more happier with this purchase!

Super powerful and great board!!

Incredibly smooth and super powerful. I really love it!! Very high build quality and the performance feels so far beyond it's budget price.

Built Tuff , Durable, Strong , Fast and Smooth!

If I had a Rental business. I would definitely use this skateboard because it's made of high quality parts , compare to the other brands that's focused on just Cheap speed ! This will last and hold its value.. Don't settle for those other Brands Just to save money , it will cheapen your experience. Buy with confidence and rest assured that you will be thrilled and Proud that you are getting your money's worth . I own 2 other skateboards around the same price. A hub and a belt and they perform similar. The Tynee Pro truly set itself a part from them. The controller has a strong signal very smooth and linear. It's not jumpy when you hold the throttle steady unlike the other boards that sometimes unexpectedly spikes speed . Enough about what you want to hear is how fast I got it to go and how far ? Yes it will go 23mph on flat, my average top speed with my weight of 190lbs is to 22mph and the range I'm getting with the 8.7ah battery from fast to cruzing is 14 to 18 miles
I'm 48 years old and never would have thought I would be having this much fun and excitement with a electric skateboard. It is way safer than I thought it to be with this board. I've owned the pro for 2 weeks and rack up 225 miles ! And still solid and performs like new, no rattling or vibrating sounds. 👍 and one last thing ? this could be a deal breaker 😆 the charging port cover ! It's easy to put in and stays in ! This is a weak point for the other Brands! And the cause of an avoidable malfunction.

Excellent board! Top quality!

I love this board and it's very fun to ride. it has the smoothest acceleration and brakes of all I have tried. I am also impressed with the quality and the customer service was great and had quick responses. I would certainly purchase from tynee again!

Very happy!

The tynee mini is awesome. I'm very happy with my purchase. the esc is very smooth. I would recommend it to all. thanks tynee!