Tynee Mini 3 Electric Skateboard VS Tynee Mini 3 Pro Electric Skateboard

Tynee mini 3 and Tynee mini 3 Pro are the two flagship mini electric skateboards released in May 2023. They are also the best mini electric skateboards on the market, so what's the difference between them? Which one should we get? Let's compare them in detail. 

  Tynee Mini 3  Tynee Mini 3 Pro
Price From $699 $899
Top Speed 32 mph/ 52 kph 37 mph/ 60 kph
Range 26 miles/ 42 km 26 miles/ 42 km
Hill Climbing 30% 50%
Motor ● Hub motor: 700W*2
● Belt motor: 850W*2
Belt motor: 2775W*2
Battery Capacity 13S2P 393Wh 13S2P 393Wh
Battery Brand Molicel Molicel
Power System 13S 54.6V 13S 54.6V
ESC Hobbywing  V7.0 ESC Explorer V2.0 ESC
Mobile App Yes No
Adjustable Settings Yes, adjust in App.
●Adjustable top speed.
●Adjustable acceleration.
●Adjustable braking.
●Adjustable braking force.
Yes, adjust in remote.
●Adjustable top speed.
●Adjustable acceleration.
●Adjustable braking.
●Adjustable power.
Legit Mode No Yes
Remote Control ●Smart turn on.
●Cruise mode
●Smart turn on.
●Cruise mode.
●Physical reverse key.
●ESC temperature.
●Average consumption per km.
Waterproof Battery Yes Yes
Full Belt Covers Yes. On Belt-105mm wheels No
Built-in Brake Light Yes Yes
Full Protection Pad Front pad+brake pad Front pad+brake pad
Grip Tape 3mm foam pad grip tape 3mm foam pad grip tape
Weight ● Hub motor-90mm: 17.7 lbs / 8.0 Kg
● Hub motor-105mm: 18.5 lbs / 8.4 Kg
● Belt motor-90mm: 18.1 lbs / 8.2 Kg
● Belt motor-105mm: 19.3 lbs / 8.75 Kg
Belt motor-105mm: 20.4 lbs / 9.25 Kg


As we can see. The main differences between mini 3 and mini 3 pro are the power system and remote. Other things are very similar. 

Power System Difference (Battery+ESC+Motors)

Mini 3 pro has more torque than mini 3. Because in order to get greater torque, we have upgraded the entire power system (battery + ESC + motors).

1) Battery.

Mini 3 and mini 3 pro both use a 13S 393Wh battery pack, so their range is the same. 

2) ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) .

Mini 3 use Hobbywing V7.0 ESC, while mini 3 pro use Explorer V2.0 ESC. They are both very good ESCs, very powerful and smooth. you can get either of them. However. the difference is that Explorer V2.0 ESC has more torque than Hobbywing V7.0 ESC. Because Explorer V2.0 ESC is built for powerful all terrain boards like Tynee Explorer. So it inherits the aggressive torque of the all terrain electric skateboard.

3) Motors.

Mini 3 use two 850W 5055 motors (the size of the motor is 50mm in diameter and 55mm in length), while mini 3 pro use two 2775W 6355 motors (the size of the motor is 63mm in diameter and 55mm in length). They are both very powerful motors. But mini 3 pro motor is more powerful. 

In the overall combination of Molicel P42A battery, Explorer V2.0 ESC, and 2775W*2 motors, the torque of mini 3 pro is greater than that of mini 3. 

Adjustable Settings

For mini 3, you can adjust the settings in the mobile App. while for mini 3 pro, you can use the remote to adjust the settings. They are both very convenient.

Remote Display

Mini 3 pro remote can display more information than mini 3 remote, such as voltage, current, ESC temperature, average power consumption per kilometer, etc. And there is a physical reverse button on the mini 3 pro remote.

Legit Mode

Mini 3 pro has a legal mode that allows you to lock the maximum speed at 20km/h, while mini 3 doesn't have legit mode.

Full Belt & Pulley Cover

Mini 3 (belt motor + 105mm wheels version) has full belt & pulley covers to protect the belts and pulleys. while mini 3 pro doesn't have it, because the motors and pulleys on mini 3 pro are too big. 


The weight of mini 3 is from 17.7 lbs / 8.0 Kg to 19.3 lbs / 8.75 Kg. while mini 3 pro is 20.4 lbs / 9.25 Kg. So mini 3 is lighter.

Final Thoughts

The biggest difference between mini 3 and mini 3 pro is that mini 3 pro has more torque. Other things are very similar.

So for most customers. we suggest you get mini 3. Because for most riders, they do not need super aggressive torque, and using the larger 6355 motors will increase the weight by 1.1 lbs / 0.5 kg. And for a mini electric skateboard, the mini 3 is the best balance, with sufficient torque, long range, super smooth ESC, waterproof battery, and lighter weight. It is the best choice for most customers. 

But if you are a heavy rider (over 198 lbs / 90kg or 209 lbs / 95kg), or you want to climb very steep hills frequently, or you want to pursue extreme aggressive torque, we suggest you get mini 3 pro. 

Anyway. both of mini 3 and mini 3 pro are the best mini electric skateboards in 2023. You can't go wrong with either of them. 

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If you have any questions. please contact tyneeboard@gmail.com. Thank you.


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