Tynee Mini 3 Electric Skateboard VS Tynee Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

On May 20, 2023, we released the new Tynee Mini 3 electric skateboard, which is currently the best portable electric skateboard on the market. Many customers have asked what's the difference between Tynee Mini 3 and Tynee Mini 2?Which one should we choose? After reading this blog, you will know it. 

Tynee mini 3 is an upgraded version based on Tynee mini 2. It inherits all the advantages of Tynee mini 2, such as long range, strong power, high-quality and reliable battery. At the same time, we have also added some new upgrades on the Tynee Mini 3, such as 13S power system, waterproof battery, mobile app, new battery & ESC enclosure, etc. The following is a detailed comparison of parameters.

  Tynee Mini 3  Tynee Mini 2 
Price $699 $599
Top Speed 32 mph/ 52 kph 30 mph/ 48 kph
Range 26 miles/ 42 km 25 miles/ 40 km
Hill Climbing 30% 30%
Battery 13S2P Molicel 393Wh 12S2P Molicel 363Wh
Power System 13S 54.6V 12S 50.4V
ESC 13S Hobbywing  V7.0 ESC 12S Hobbywing V5.0 ESC
Mobile App Yes No
Adjustable Settings Yes, in App No
Bluetooth Remote  Yes No
Motor ● Hub motor: 700W*2
● Belt motor: 850W*2
● Hub motor: 700W*2
● Belt motor: 850W*2
Waterproof Battery Yes No
Full Belt Covers Yes. On Belt-105mm wheels No
Built-in Brake Light Yes Yes
Enclosure One whole enclosure Two separate enclosures
Full Protection Pad Front pad+brake pad Front pad+brake pad
Grip Tape 3mm foam pad grip tape 3mm foam pad grip tape

Battery & Range

As we can see. Tynee mini 3 use Molicel 393Wh battery, while Tynee mini 2 use Molicel 363Wh battery. So Tynee mini 3 has a little more range than Tynee mini 2. But the difference is not too much, just about 1-2 miles difference. So if you want more range. Get Tynee mini 3 please. 

Voltage Sag

Tynee mini 3 use 13S (54.6V voltage) power system. while Tynee mini 2 use the 12S (50.4V voltage) power system. So Tynee mini 3 has less voltage sag than Tynee mini 2. So Tynee mini 3 has a little better riding experience than Tynee mini 2. 

Top Speed

Tynee mini 3 top speed is 32 mph/ 52 kph. While Tynee mini 2 top speed is 30 mph/ 48 kph. Even though Tynee mini 3 has a little higher top speed. but since both of them have enough top speed. so we think you can ignore this difference. Get either of them will be ok. 

App & Adjustable Settings

Tynee mini 3 has a mobile App. While Tynee mini 2 doesn't. So for Tynee mini 3 users. you can adjust many settings (top speed, acceleration, deceleration, braking power...) in the mobile App. but for Tynee mini 2 users. you can't adjust these settings. So if you want to freely customize your E-skating parameters, get Tynee Mini 3 please.

Tynee mini 3 electric skateboard mobile app

Waterproof Battery

Tynee mini 3 battery is waterproof. While Tynee mini 2 battery isn't. So for Tynee mini 3. You don't need to worry about your battery being damaged by water. But for Tynee mini 2. You may be worried about the battery being damaged by water. So if you think you might ride in the rain, get Tynee Mini 3 please.

Tynee mini 3 electric skateboard waterproof battery

Full Belt & Pulley Covers

Tynee mini 3 (only for belt motor+105mm hydro wheels version) has the full belt & pulley covers. While Tynee mini 2 doesn't. So for Tynee mini 3 (belt motor+105mm hydro wheels version). Your belts and pulleys will last longer. and you can save some money to replace the belts and pulleys in the future. But if you don't mind it. Get either of them will be ok. 

Tynee mini 3 electric skateboard full protection belt covers

Use The Kicktail

Tynee mini 3 use the one whole battery and ESC enclosure. While Tynee mini 2 use two separate battery and ESC enclosures. So for Tynee mini 3. The center of gravity of the battery will be closer to the middle point of the board. so it will be easier than Tynee mini 2 to use the kicktail. So if you want to use the kicktail frequently. Get Tynee mini 3 please.

Other Things

Except for the above differences, Other things are the same between Tynee mini 3 and Tynee mini 2. 

Final Thoughts

Tynee Mini 3 is an upgraded version of Tynee Mini 2, and they are very similar in many places. However, Tynee Mini 3 has more advantages in the above differences. If you have enough budget, we suggest you get Tynee Mini 3. If you want to buy a great board at a lower price, you can also get Tynee Mini 2. Both of them are very good mini electric skateboards.

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