Tynee Mini 3 SL Electric Skateboard VS Meepo Atom Mini 3S Electric Skateboard

Tynee Board and Meepo Board are very famous electric skateboard brand. Especially after Tynee released the new SL (Student Life) series electric skateboards in September 2023, their competition between best budget electric skateboards became even more intense, In best budget mini electric skateboards, Tynee Mini 3 SL VS Meepo Atom Mini 3S, which one is better? and what are the differences between them? Now let's compare in detail.

  Tynee Mini 3 SL Meepo Atom Mini 3S
Price $359 $399
Top Speed 30 mph/48 kph 29 mph/47 kph
Range 17 miles/ 27 km 17 miles/ 27 km
Hill Climbing 25% 22%
Battery 10S3P 216Wh 10S2P 216Wh
Battery Cells EVE ICR18650/20P No-brand
Discharge 90A 15C /
ESC Hobbywing ESC Lingyi ESC
Motor Unite 550W*2 Unite 540W*2
Deck 8 Ply Canadian Maple 8 Ply Canadian Maple
OLED Remote Screen Yes Yes
Brake Pad Yes Yes
Truck 7'' 43° RKP 7'' 45° RKP
Wheels 90mmX62mm PU wheels 90mmX60mm PU wheels
Bushing 95A 100A / 92A
Max Load 150kg / 330lbs 150kg / 330lbs
Weight 18.5 lbs/ 8.4kg 18.5 lbs/ 8.4kg
Waterproof IPX5 IPX5
Warranty 6 months 6 months


As we can see. Tynee Mini 3 SL and Meepo Atom Mini 3S are very similar. But they also have some differences.



Tynee mini 3 SL uses 10S3P 216Wh battery. While meepo atom mini 3S uses 10S2P 216Wh battery. So they have same battery capacity and same range.

But Tynee mini 3 SL use 10S3P battery which has 30 battery cells. while Meepo mini 3S uses 10S2P battery which only has 20 battery cells. When the battery output 20A current. for Tynee mini 3 SL battery. each battery cell only need to output 6.66A (20/3=6.66) current. while for meepo mini 3S battery, each battery need to output 10A (20/2=10) current. So the battery cells of Tynee mini 3 SL have a smaller load, lower heat generation, and longer cycle life. You will get a longer battery life.

Tynee Mini 3 SL Battery

Voltage Sag

In addition, due to the fact that the 10S3P battery can output higher current than 10S2P battery, you will get better torque and less voltage sag, even if your battery is running low, you will still get better torque on 10S3P battery. This is very important for riders who value their riding experience.


Power System And ESC

Tynee mini 3 SL uses Hobbywing ESC. While Meepo mini 3S uses Lingyi ESC. They are both good ESC, but Hobbywing ESC is smoother than Lingyi ESC. In terms of failure rate, Hobbywing ESC also has a lower failure rate (the failure rate after 1 year of normal use is usually below 0.2%). That's why Hobbywing ESC is always more expensive than Lingyi ESC. But the advantage of Lingyi ESC is that it is cheaper, Therefore, for electric skateboards using the Lingyi ESC, it can save cost and provide customers with lower price.



Both Tynee mini 3 SL and Meepo mini 3S use the same motors from the same motor manufacturer. So they are the same.



Both Tynee mini 3 SL and Meepo mini 3S use the 7 inches truck. So the riding experience is very similar. But Tynee mini 3 SL uses 43° truck, while Meepo mini 3S uses the 45° truck, So when you ride it at high speed. Tynee mini 3 SL truck is more stable. 


Center Of Gravity And Control

Tynee mini 3 SL uses an integral shell for battery and ESC, this is simple and beautiful. and it also has better water-resistance. while Meepo mini 3S uses two separate shells. They are different in appearance.

Additionally, due to the design of the integrated shell, the center of gravity of the battery on the Tynee mini 3 SL is closer to the center of the skateboard, making it easier for you to turn with the kicktail, resulting in a better control experience.

*Due to the fact that the weight of the battery is much higher than that of the ESC, the further away the battery is from the center of the skateboard, the greater the force required to use the kicktail, making it difficult to control.

 Tynee Mini 3 SL VS Meepo Atom Mini 3S

In A Word

Both Tynee mini 3 SL and Meepo atom mini 3S are great mini electric skateboard. you can get either of them. But if you want smoother control experience, or you want longer battery life. or you want less voltage sag E-skating experience. We recommend you get Tynee mini 3 SL electric skateboard

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