These are the questions our customers often ask us, we list them for your reference.

Q:What are the advantages of Tynee Ultra compared with other brands? 
A: Well. You can compare it with other brands.

● Hobbywing ESC VS other ESC.
Hobbywing ESC is smoother than other ESC but cost more. (Now many brands also use Hobbywing ESC, So compare to these brands it's very similar). However, Tynee's ESC is integrated on the radiator (At present, only Tynee and Exway do that on the market). Compared with other brands that stick the ESC to the radiator with glue, the heat dissipation effect of Tynee ESC is much better, which will get lower temperature, better performance and less overheating damage.

● Molicel battery cells VS other brand cells made in China.
Molicel battery cells are often used in high-end products, such as Dyson vacuum cleaner and so on. It is not only reliable in quality, but also has strong discharge rate, which means it will has less voltage sag and better cycle life, and it can work in a low temperature environment of -50 ~ +60 ℃. Other brands use unknown battery cells, which have low cost but low discharge rate and unreliable quality. Battery is the most expensive component in a board. When you buy a board, please ask what battery cell does the manufacturer use.

● Evolve deck supply's deck VS other poor quality deck.
Tynee Ultra use the high quality deck made by the same deck supply with Evolve. It has better foot feel and higher strength, which is why Evolve has been using this deck supply for many years. But good quality brings higher price. That's why many other brands use poor quality decks produced by unknown deck suppliers, which have poor foot feel and are easy to break.(You should have seen a lot of broken decks on many brands, but you rarely see broken decks on Evolve.)

● Hobbywing motor VS other motors.
Hobbywing motor has higher manufacturing accuracy, and very stable quality. That's why Hobbywing always cost more.

Q: Why Tynee Ultra is more powerful than Tynee pro?
A: Because the voltage of these two boards are different. Tynee Ultra is 54.6V voltage while Tynee Pro is 42V. As we all know, power is equal to voltage multiplied by current (P=U*I). If the voltage increases by 30%, the power with high voltage will be greater under the same current.

Q: Why not increase the current to get more torque? 
A: In fact, many brands are doing this. Because this cost is lowest, they only need to set the current higher on the ESC (controller) to get more torque. Even if this cause problems later, it is likely that the warranty has expired (usually they only provide 3-6 months warranty). But increasing the current will add a great burden on all electronic components (ESC, battery and motors). And the heating will increase a lot (according to Joule's law Q=I²Rt), the magnetic steel of the motor will be easier to demagnetize, the ESC will be easier to short circuit, the failure rate of the battery cells will increase and the cycle life will be reduced......Therefore, in order to ensure the durability and reliability of the electric skateboard, the best solution is to control the current in a low range.

Q: I've seen many brands' deck break. Will your deck break? 
A: Well, There are many brands using poor quality decks, when you jump on the deck, the deck may be easily crack. Tynee can't guarantee that all our decks won't break, but Tynee must be one of the brands with the least deck breakage, because Tynee uses the same deck manufacturer as Evolve, which produces one of the best quality decks in the world.

Q: Many brands of Eboards have speed wobble at high speed. Will Tynee ultra have the speed wobble? 
A: No, Tynee ultra don't have speed wobble even at high speed. Speed wobble is very dangerous and can be life-threatening in severe cases. The reason of speed wobble is usually that the truck structure is too flexible (such as Paris V2 is too flexible and causes speed wobble) or the truck is poor quality. Tynee PE truck is upgraded from Paris V3, which is very stable in structure, and we use T6 heat treatment to increase the strength. If you don't know which truck has no speed wobble, you can choose Tynee PE truck.

Q: Tynee's enclosures looks like plastic. Will they break easily? 
A: No, It won't. Because Tynee uses high-strength nylon and fiberglass material, it is different from ordinary ABS or PC materials used by other brands. The price of nylon and fiberglass  is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary ABS or PC, and its strength is several times that of ordinary ABS or PC. Tynee hasn't received any feedback from customers that the enclosures are broken because we do use the best materials.