What's the difference between the Molicel P42A battery and Samsung 50S battery?

The Molicel P42A battery and Samsung 50S battery are same size and same weight. The only difference is Samsung 50S battery has bigger battery capacity so it has longer range. The battery capacity increases about 19% compared to Molicel P42A battery. So you will get about 15-20% more range than Molicel P42A battery. Usually for most customers. Molicel P42A is totally enough. But for some customers who want longest range. The samsung 50S battery is better. So you can choose it according to your demand. 


How long will the shipping take?

Delivery time will be shown at check out.


Is there any warranty?

We offer a 6 month warranty, for more details please refer to our warranty policy.


Why there is no update for my parcel tracking status?

Tracking status goes live when your board lands in the destination country, until them it remains “in transit”.


Can I reach the top speed and get the best range when I ride?

Our data was measured under ideal conditions. Some factors that could affect your speed and range are: rider's weight, terrain, wind resistance, temperature, speed and brake mode. Our date values are only for reference, and in practical use, there may be significant differences due to different conditions.