1. What's the difference between hub motors and belt motors?
Blet motors have more torque, more comfort (because it has 4 free wheels. and free wheels has thick tires to reduce shock) and stronger braking than hub motors. but you need to replace the belt after the belt breaks. and belt motors board will have more noise than hub motor board.

Hub motor is quieter and easier to maintain than belt motor (because you don't need to replace the belts). And it's cheaper than belt motor. but it's less in torque, comfort, and braking.

In a word, if you want more performance and better riding experience, please choose belt motor. if you want quiet and easy to maintain. please choose hub motor.

For myself (Aiden), I like belt motor more than hub motor, and replace the belt is easy and cheap, but I can get more powerful torque and comfortable riding experience.

2. What’s the difference between the Mini 2 216wh and 363Wh battery?
They are just different capacity. So different range. But for the big 363wh battery. You will feel the big torque can last longer than 216wh. Because it has more capacity so the voltage will drop slower when you ride it. So you will feel the board is always powerful on the way.

And because 363wh battery has bigger capacity. You will get more circle life. Because if you ride 1000 Kilometers. If you need to charge the board 50 times on 216wh battery. Then you may only need to charge the boards 30 times on 363wh battery. So your battery will reduce slower and you will get longer circle life.

And the battery range will reduce as time goes by. You may get enough range on 216wh battery in the beginning. Then after some time use the battery reduces. You may couldn’t get enough range. But for the bigger battery. Even if the battery reduced. You can still get enough range. So Even though the price of bigger battery is about $140 more expensive. But you can use it for a longer time and get better riding experience with it. And if you get the smaller battery and after it reduce and you want to change to a new battery. The price of new battery is much more than $140. That’s why when customers ask the battery I alway suggest them get bigger battery. Pay more in the beginning and enjoy it. And then pay less in the future. Thank you.

3. Should I get Cloudwheels?
It depends on your demand. If your road conditions are good. I think it’s unnecessary to buy cloudwheels. But if your road conditions are not good. I suggest you get cloudwheels. Cloudwheels will improve some comfort on bad road. And it will reduce about 15%~20% torque and range. But no worries. Because our Tynee mini 2 use 12S high voltage and 363wh big battery. It still has great torque and range even if you use cloudwheels. About 55% customers buy cloudwheels together with their Tynee mini 2 order. So you can decide according to your demand.