1. Why we recommend you to get the Molicel 363Wh big battery?

Now all the Tynee mini 2 use the big Molicel 363Wh batteryIf you use a big battery. At first you will get more range. and you will also get much longer battery life. Because if you use big battery. you don't need to charge the battery as so many times as the small battery. For example. If you ride the board for 1000 miles. if you use the 180Wh battery. you may need to charge (and discharge) the battery for 100 times. but if you use the big Molicel 363wh battery. you only need to charge (and discharge)  the battery for 50 times. So the big capacity battery cells will have much less loss than the small battery cells. So the big battery will have much longer battery life. 

And you will also get much less voltage sag with big battery. because as the battery running low. the torque and max speed of the board will drop obviously. So if you use a small battery. you will feel the votage sag easily. But if you use the big battery. Since it has more capacity. so the battery voltage will drop slower. so you will feel the voltage sag is much less than small battery. that will improve the riding experience a lot. 

Therefore. We recommend you get the big battery. because the small battery looks cheaper in the beginning. but it will decay faster and you need to pay more in the future when you need to replace a new battery. So we suggest you get a big battery in the beginning and you will pay less in the futher. 


2. Why we don't use poor quality battery cells as many other E-board brands on the market?

Because we don't want to make poor quality things. we know now almost all the E-board brands on the market (many of them are famous budget brands) use poor quality small battery brands cells (most of the battery cells brands they use are small battery cells company in Chinese). yes. we know that will be much cheaper. but we have also tested them. They are very similar with the famous brand battery cells in the beginning. but after several months or half a year use you will find the difference. They will decay faster. so you will get much less range as time goes by. They also have higher defective rate than famous brands. What's more, many low-quality cells will leak or even catch fire, which is very dangerous. So we insist on not using poor quality and small brand battery cells. you can find now we only use Samung and Molicel battery cells. which are very famous and reliable battery brands in this industry. 


3. What's the difference between 12S and 10S power systems?

Tynee mini 2 use 12S power system. While other competitors use only 10S. Although the cost of 12S is higher than that of 10S, 12S has much better performance and more durable quality than 10S.

The 12S power system voltage is 50.4V, while the 10S voltage is only 42V. Therefore, when the power system outputs power, according to the power formula P (power)=U (voltage) * I (current), under the same current (I), the output power of 12S is 20% higher than that of 10S, So you will feel 20% stronger acceleration and braking power than 10S power system. 

At the same time, when it outputs the same power, the 12S has a 20% higher voltage, so its output current is 20% smaller, and the lower output current will greatly extend the battery life, so your power system will be much more durable than the 10S.


4. Compare to 10S power system. What are the advantages of 50.4V (12S) high voltage power system?

● More Torque——Higher voltage can offer more torque. According to the output power P = U * I, at the same current ( ), if the voltage ( U ) is increased by 20%, the output power ( P ) and the torque are increased by 20%.

● No Voltage Sag——All electric skateboard players will suffer a voltage sag. With the decrease of battery power and voltage, the torque and acceleration of the skateboard will gradually decrease. But the high-voltage power system solves this problem. Tynee mini 2 uses a 50.4V high-voltage battery. When the battery is discharged empty, there is still 37V high voltage, which means that you can always ride at 37V~50.4V high voltage without suffering voltage sag. If you ride the 10S power system board. you will ride at 30.8V-42V voltage. so you will suffer voltage sag. 

● Reduce heat, More Durable——At the same power (P = U * I) , if the voltage is increased by 20%, the current could be reduced by 20%, and according to Joule's law (Q=I²Rt),the current reduction will greatly reduce the heat of the power system (motors, controller and battery), Lower current will also greatly prolong the service life of the battery, and make the power system more durable.

● Increase Max Speed Without Sacrifice——There are many ways to increase the max speed, such as increasing the KV value of the motor or reducing the transmission ratio, but they all sacrifice torque and efficiency. However, by increasing the voltage to increase the max speed, there is no sacrifice, it fully retains the torque and efficiency. And it makes the acceleration at high speed very powerful and linear.