Tynee Ultra X Electric Skateboard & Longboard

$799 $999
Boards have been finished. Pre-order Now. 
● 13S 54.6V power system.
● Molicel P42A 393Wh battery.
● Advanced Explorer V2.0 ESC.
● 3000W*2 6368 motors.
● Explorer remote with adjustable settings.
● Waterproof battery.
● 9 inches Tynee PE truck. 
● 105mm all-season wheels.

Delivery time:
USA: Sea(18-25 days) or Air(10-17 days).
EU: Sea(40-50 days) or Air(15-25 days).
UK: Sea(40-50 days) or Air(15-25 days).
AU: Sea(40-60 days) or Air(12-14 days).
CA: Sea(50-60 days) or Air(12-25 days).
Other countries: 3-15 days.
Wheels Options: