Fireproof Bag for Electric Skateboards

$99 $159

New fireproof bag. The design is simple and clean. Moreover, the materials used are very good. In order to reduce costs, many fireproof bags on the market only have one or two layer of flame retardant material. But Tynee not only uses two thick layers of flame retardant material, but also uses heat insulation material. You can also use it as a backpack, it’s safe and convenient. 

Shipping cost: From $59
Pre-Order now. Shipped in early January.

* Notice:
We make this fireproof bag does not mean that the skateboard will catch fire, we just want to provide more safety protection in extreme situations (such as battery damage due to water damage or being crushed by a car). We want to provide our customers with additional safety protection.

Fireproof bags can effectively prevent fire and provide insulation, but cannot guarantee 100% success. So, you still need to take safety measures when using electric skateboards. Thank you.

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