Tynee® Stinger Long Range DKP Electric Skateboard & Shortboard

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● 12S3P 544.32Wh Molicel P42A battery.
● Hobbywing 9028 V7.0 ESC with APP.
● 3000W*2 6368 BLDC motors.
● Waterproof battery.
● DKP truck for comfortable carving.
● 3mm thick shock absorbing grip tape.
● 105mm all-season wheels. 

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Tynee stinger long range electric skateboard & shortboard


Tynee stinger long range electric skateboard & shortboard
Tynee stinger 50.4V voltage

50.4V High Voltage

Less voltage sag

Tynee stinger molicel 544wh battery

544Wh Molicel P42A

More range

Tynee stinger hobbywing esc

Hobbywing 9028 ESC

80A max discharge

tynee stinger mobile app

Mobile App

iOS & Android

tynee stinger motors

3000W*2 Motors

6368 BLDC motors

tynee stinger waterproof battery

Waterproof Battery

No battery water damage

Tynee stinger long range electric skateboard 12S power system

12S (50.4V) High Voltage Power System

More power, more efficiency, less voltage sag.

The Tynee Stinger uses a 12S (50.4V) high voltage power system. Compared to other boards that are 10s (and 42V), the 12S battery we use supplies more torque, quicker acceleration, a higher speed, greater efficiency, less voltage sag, and less generated heat. As a result of all of this, the battery in our Stinger provides amazing performance and outstanding durability.

Molicel P42A 544Wh Battery 

135A max discharge. More charging cycles. 

The battery is the most important and most expensive component of an electric skateboard, so we chose the best available—Molicel P42A 544Wh 12S3P battery. While many board brands use cheap, unknown battery cells, Tynee insists on using high-quality Molicel battery cells, which will safely give you better performance, longer range. greater longevity, and more charging cycles. With the 135A max discharge current. You will find the voltage sag of Tynee Stinger is much less than other brands. 

Tynee stinger electric skateboard molicel 12S3P 544Wh battery
Tynee stinger electric skateboard hobbywing 9028 high configuration esc

Hobbywing Latest 9028 V7.0 ESC

80A max discharge, with mobile App.

Hobbywing is recognized as making the smoothest electronic speed controller (ESC) that’s always reliable and made of the highest quality. The Tynee Stinger uses the latest Hobbywing high configuration 9028 V7.0 ESC with an mobile App. It's very powerful in torque and you can adjust all the riding settings in the mobile App.

* Only the latest hobbywing ESC can use mobile App. Older versions hobbywing ESC couldn't use mobile App.

Two 3000W BLDC Belt Motors

Super powerful torque, higher efficiency.

Driven by the powerful 80A Hobbywing V7.0 ESC, we used the bigger 6368 motors (the diameter of the motor is 63mm, and the length of the motor is 68mm). Equipped with the 135A discharge output of the 544Wh Molicel P42A battery, making the Tynee Stinger's torque easily reach the level of the all terrain electric skateboard. 

Tynee Board stinger 6368 big 3000W*2 Belt Motors
Tynee stinger electric skateboard mobile app

Mobile App

Easy to adjust everything. fast & stable.

Equipped with a mobile App (iOS & Android), all the settings on the Tynee Stinger can be adjusted easily on your phone. You can customize your riding parameters freely. It’s very simple and easy to use.

Double Kingpin Truck For Carving

Better shock absorption. Easy to carve.

Tynee Stinger focuses on long range and comfortable carving, so we use double kingping (DKP) truck. Because DKP truck has 2 sets of busings (a total of 8 busings) for shock absorption, so its shock absorption effect is better than reverse kingpin trucks and traditional kingpin trucks. It can better filter out the vibration of the road and bring more comfortable riding experience. And DKP truck has fantastic carving experience. You will fall in love with the carving experience.

Tynee stinger electric skateboard double kingpin truck
Tynee stinger electric skateboard waterproof battery

100% Waterproof Battery

Waterproof glue, Special material cover.

The battery is the most expensive and fragile component in electric skateboards, as it can be easily damaged by water and water damage is not covered by warranty, So customers have to pay an expensive price to buy a new battery. Because this will bring higher profits, most brands are unwilling to change. Tynee decided to make the battery completely waterproof and using new special materials to make the cover. This new material (blue in the picture) has higher strength and it will not break or worn for at least 10 years, so you don't need to worry about battery water damage anymore.


Tynee stinger Concave short Deck

33.86 inches/86 cm Concave Deck

Perfect combination of comfort and control.

Tynee Stinger has a very comfortable concave design, which makes you feel your feet are comfortably locked and makes it easier for you to control turns and use the kicktail. We also use the high-quality 3mm paded shock-absorbing grip tape on the deck, which will improve the riding comfort. 

Long Kicktail

Easy to use the kicktail.

Tynee stinger has a long kicktail. Now you can use this long kicktail easily and enjoy the fun riding experience.

Tynee Board stinger electric skateboard long kicktail
Tynee stinger electric skateboard smart turn on

Smart Turn On

Use your remote to turn on/off the board.

Equipped with smart on-off function, you can turn on/off the board by your remote. When you turn on/off the remote, the remote will automatically send a signal to turn on/off the board. So you don't need to bend down to turn on/off the board. It's very convenient.

105 mm Hydro All-Season Wheels

More grip. safer on wet roads.

Tynee Stinger is pre-installed with 105mm Hydro all-season wheels. Its size is larger than the regular 90mm wheel, so it has better comfort and passability than the 90mm wheel. More importantly, the rubber tread on its surface has more grip and is safer on wet roads.

Tynee board stinger 105mm hydro all season wheels


Tynee Electric Skateboard Package Contents

What's in the box?

●  1 Completely assembled Tynee Stinger.
●  1 Smart OLED screen remote control.
●  1 Certified adapter and charger.
●  1 Skate tool.
●  1 Charging cable of remote control.
●  2 Extra belts. 
●  1 Manual book (PDF).
●  Spare screw set.

* We will send the local charger plug based on your shipping address.

Product Specification

Product ModelTynee Stinger
Speed Mode
  • Slow mode : 0-9 mph/15 kph
  • Normal mode: 0-15 mph/25 kph
  • Fast mode: 0-21 mph/35 kph
  • Turbo mode: 0-34 mph/55 kph

Up to 33 miles/53 km. 
* Tested by Aiden (143 lbs or 65 kg) at flat road with 2 speed mode (15 mph / 25 kph max speed).
* If you use 105mm wheels. the range will decrease.
* The faster you ride. the shorter range you will get. 

Hill Climbing50%
Battery Max Voltage50.4V 
Battery Pack12S3P 36 battery cells
Battery Cell BrandMolicel P42A
Battery Capacity544.32 Wh
Waterproof BatteryYes. covered by waterproof glue
ESC BrandHobbywing 9028 V7.0 ESC with APP
RemoteHobbywing OLED remote 
Smart Turn OnRemote turn on/off the Board
Mobile AppYes
Adjustable settings
Yes, Adjust in APP
Regenerative Braking
Motor Size
6368 BLDC motors (63mm diameter, 68mm length)
Motor Power
Deck MaterialReal Canadian Maple+fiberglas
Deck Tpye
Concave deck with long kicktail
Deck Layers8-layers 
Max Load330 lbs / 150 kg
Grip Tape3mm thick paded grip tape
Wheels105mm all-season wheels
Double kingpin truck
Charging Time4-6 H
Board Dimension860mm*336mm*180mm
Board Weight26 lbs / 11.8 Kg
Warranty6 Months
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