Kegel & ABEC Pulleys

Pulleys Used For  Wheels
5M 36T Kegel Pulleys Ultra/Mini3/Mini3Pro/Mini2/Stinger/Explorer Kegel wheels
5M 37T ABEC Pulleys Ultra/Mini3/Mini2 105mm Cloudwheels, 90mm ABEC wheels
5M 40T Kegel Pulleys Explorer/Ultra/Mini3/Mini3Pro/Stinger 105 Boosted 72A wheels. Other Kegel wheels
5M 40T ABEC Pulleys Explorer/Ultra/UltraX/Mini3/Mini3Pro/Mini2/Stinger 105/120mm Cloudwheels
5M 45T ABEC Pulleys Stinger/Explorer 120mm Cloudwheels
5M 55T Pulleys Explorer  140mm/150mm/175mm wheels
5M 60T Pulleys Explorer  140mm/150mm/175mm wheels
5M 66T Pulleys Explorer  140mm/150mm/175mm wheels

* If you buy the compatible belts together with the pulleys. we will send you a email to ask which board and wheels you use, please check your email. Only in this way can we ensure that we give you the correct and compatible belts.

Compatible Belts: