Kegel Pulleys (Aluminum alloy)


This is the kegel pulleys made of aluminum alloy material through CNC precision machining. So it has high accuracy and high strength, and it will never break. 

● It can be applied to all Tynee belt drive skateboards (Tynee Ultra/Pro/Mini).

● You don’t need to buy extra belts or motor cover, because Tynee original belts and motor cover can be used on this kegel pulleys.

● If you want to customize other kind of pulleys, welcome to contact our customer service, we accept customization for many kinds of pulleys.

* You may be confused why the prices of these two kinds of pulleys are different?
Because we produce kegel pulleys in batches, the cost is low. For the personal customized pulleys, each customer has different requirements, and only one pair is produced at a time, so the cost is higher.

* This price is a pair (two pulleys) price.

* This kegel pulley is made to the size of the Orangatang kegel wheels and may not be compatible with other size Kegel wheels.