Remote Control


This is the remote for Tynee boards. please notice Tynee explorer use a different remote from other models. you can choose the remote according to the board you get. 

You can also buy it for DIY, because you can adjust the parameters in the remote control freely, which is suitable for different types of skateboards (hub motor, belt motor) and different sizes of motors and wheels.

Each of Tynee boards comes standard with a remote control. However, there are still many customers who want to buy an extra remote control as a spare, in case the remote control is lost one day.

* How to change the remote from mph to km/h?

Please follow the steps below:

1. Turn off the skateboard. 

2. Turn off the remote.

3. Long-press (hold) the power button of the skateboard for more than 5 seconds. At the same time long-press (hold) the power button of the remote for more than 5 seconds. Then the remote will connect to the skateboard and show the settings. you can choose mph to km/h as you like. 

Remote For: