Off Road / All Terrain Conversion Kit


How to use off road wheels on Tynee mini 2?

How to use off road wheels on Tynee Ultra/Pro?

1. What's in the package?

Used for Tynee Ultra / Pro : 

  • 2* 9.5 inches single kingpin truck. 
  • 4* 6 inches pneumatic tire.
  • 2* 5M 60T pulleys.
  • 2* 5M-330 belts.
  • 2* Motor covers.

Used for Tynee Mini 2 : 

  • 2* 9.5 inches TKP truck.
  • 4* 6 inches pneumatic tire.
  • 2* 5M 60T pulleys.
  • 2* 5M-340 belts.
  • 2* Motor covers.
  • 2* Motor mount.

You May Ask

1. Will it affect the torque?

No. it won't. because for the normal Tynee board the wheels are 90mm wheels while the number of teeth of the pulley is 37. The ratio is 90/37=2.43. Then for this off road kit the wheels are 150mm wheels and the number of teeth of the pulley is 60. The ratio is 150/60=2.5,it's just 2.8% higher than the original ratio and the difference between them is very small and negligible.

2. Will it affect the range?

Yes. it will. but not too much. The pneumatic wheels are more comfortable. But the friction between the pneumatic wheels and the road has increased, which will reduce the range, but it is worth it.

3. Could I ride it at high speed?

Yes. you can. The RKP and TKP truck is very stable at high speed. there is no speed wobble at high speed.

* Recommend air pressure 32PSI.

Notice: Because all pneumatic wheels will wobble, this is common in pneumatic wheels. please do not purchase it if you mind the wobble. We cannot accept returns and refund requests due to the wobble of pneumatic wheels. 

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