Battery for Tynee Mini 2 / Ultra (On Sale)

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Tynee Mini 2 and Ultra are TYNEE's best-selling products in 2022, with the huge success of Tynee Mini 2 making TYNEE the best short E-skateboard brand in 2022. In return for the customers who have supported TYNEE, we decide to provide some spare batteries at cost price. If your battery has decayed or you want to buy a spare battery, Get it now! 

* Time: 2024.05.01-2024.06.01
* This sale is only limited to Tynee customers. If you are not a Tynee board customer, we will cancel your order and refund you. 

How to swap the Samsung 30Q battery on Tynee mini 2 / ultra?


How to swap the Molicel P42A battery on Tynee mini 2 / ultra? 

Due to the larger size of the Molicel P42A battery, we need to use a larger battery enclosure. We will provide you with a large battery enclosure for free, and we will give you a drill bit. You can use the drill bit to drill holes on the deck and then install the new battery and enclosure.

Used For:
Battery Options:


These are the batteries used for Tynee boards. They are all TOP-GRADE batteries produced by famous battery manufacturers. You can choose the battery based on your skateboard model.

Battery OptionsFit ForMax Voltage
10S 99Wh BatteryTynee Mini 3 SL/Mini 1/Classic42V
10S 288Wh BatteryTynee Mini 3 SL/Mini 1/Classic42V
10S 324Wh BatteryTynee Mini 1/Classic42V
12S 99Wh BatteryTynee Mini 2/Ultra/Ultra SL50.4V
12S 259Wh Samsung 30Q BatteryTynee Mini 2/Ultra/Ultra SL50.4V
12S 363Wh Molicel P42A BatteryTynee Mini 2/Ultra/Ultra SL50.4V
12S 544Wh Molicel P42A BatteryTynee Stinger50.4V
13S 99Wh BatteryTynee Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro54.6V
13S 393Wh Molicel P42A BatteryTynee Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro/Stinger LE/Ultra X54.6V
14S 423Wh Molicel P42A BatteryUltra X Pro58.8V

If you don't know which battery should you get for your Tynee board. please contact our Customer Support.

If you want to buy Tynee Explorer battery. please click here

* The actual battery color and size may differ from the picture, and the actual product shall prevail.

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