Off Road Pneumatic Wheels


This is the 150mm Off Road Pneumatic Wheels which is used for Tynee boards.

And it could also be used on many E-Skateboard brand like Evolve, Backfire, Meepo. Lycaon, Ownboard all terrain board. and so on. 

What‘s in the box?

4 Pcs x 6"/7'' Pneumatic Wheels with Bearings
2 Pcs x 60T/66T Drive Pulleys 
2 Pcs x Drive Belts  HTD 5M 330/360mm

* Recommend air pressure 32PSI.

Notice: Because all pneumatic wheels will wobble, this is common in pneumatic wheels. please do not purchase it if you mind the wobble. We cannot accept returns and refund requests due to the wobble of pneumatic wheels. 

Wheel Size: