105mm 72A Soft Wheels

$119 $169

This is the 105mm 72A Durometer Soft Wheel. It will reduce the shock and improve riding comfort obviously.

Models Pulleys Belts
Tynee Mini 2/3/3Pro 40T 5M265
Tynee Ultra/UltraX/Stinger 40T 5M265
Tynee Explorer 40T 5M295


Durable: Made from the latest polyurethane composite material, these 105s wheels boast great wear resistance. Reduce wheel wear and lengthen service life.

Excellent Pressure Resistance: The105s wheels are processed with unique craftsmanship which makes them more resistant to large loads and stronger in terms of load-bearing capacity.

Strong Grip: The 72A PU wheels can completely adhere to the ground, providing superior grip no matter what the terrain is like.

High Load capacity: The wheels have increased load-bearing capacity under same diameter and width dimension.

Effective Shock absorption: The high-elastic design can effectively alleviate ground vibration and provide a safer riding experience.

Real-time feedback: Allows for timely understanding of skateboard conditions and road conditions for adjustments.

● The 105mm large-diameter wheels make it effortless to travel across various terrains.

Wheel size: 105mm diameter x 65mm wide, 72A Durometer

105s wheel x4

Note: If you purchase the belts, we will default to sending 5M265 belts. If you need different size belts, please send an email to tyneeboard@gmail.com after purchase.