Off Road / All Terrain Conversion Kit


How to upgrade your street wheels electric skateboard to off road/all terrain electric skateboard?

Get this off road kit and enjoy the comfortable and fun riding of big (6 inches150mm) off road pneumatic wheels. and it will be super easy to ride your board on the bad roads.

1. What's the size of the truck?

Off Road Truck Size

2. What's in the package?

  • 2* 9.5 inches single kingpin truck. Upgraded from Paris V3.
  • 4* 6 inches pneumatic tire.
  • 2* 5M 60T pulleys.
  • 2* 5M-330 belts.
  • 2* Motor covers.
  • 2* Motor Mount. (Only avaliable on the $229 option.)

You May Ask

1. Which board could use this off road kit?

All Tynee belt drive long board could use this off road kit to upgrade to off road wheels. for example the Tynee board ultra. Tynee board pro. But Tynee board mini couldn't use this off road kit because its deck is too short. If you want to upgrade your Tynee MIni to off road board. you need to order a long deck and do a deck swap. then you can upgrade to all terrain board. 

2. Most of other brand belt drive long boards on the market could use this off road kit. Because all the Hobbywing and DongXinWei belt motors could use this off road kit and almost all the belt drive long boards on the market use Hobbywing and DongXinWei belt motors. If you are not sure whether your board could upgrade it. please feel free to contact our customer support and we will help you out. thank you. 

3. Do i need to buy motor mount?

If you are a Tynee board user. you don't need to buy it. 

If you are a other brand user. such as Backfire. Exway. Lycaon. Ownboard...You'd better buy the motor mount. because in this way you could use Tynee off road truck with Tynee motor mount. you don't need to drill holes on your own motor mount. it will be much more easiler for you to swap to off road wheels. 

4. Will it affect the torque?

No. it won't. because for the normal Tynee board the wheels are 90mm wheels while the number of teeth of the pulley is 37. The ratio is 90/37=2.43. Then for this off road kit the wheels are 150mm wheels and the number of teeth of the pulley is 60. The ratio is 150/60=2.5,it's just 2.8% higher than the original ratio and the difference between them is very small and negligible.

5. Will it affect the range?

Yes. it will. but not too much. The pneumatic wheels are more comfortable. But the friction between the pneumatic wheels and the road has increased, which will reduce the range a little, but not too much, it is worth it.

6. Could I ride it at high speed?

Yes. of course. the off road truck is upgraded from the Paris V3. it can carve very smoothly and is very stable at high speed. You can enjoy high speed (for example 45km/h) riding freely. there is no speed wobble at all.

Off Road Kit Option: