Tynee® Off Road Electric Skateboard & Longboard

$759 $799

Expérience de conduite super confortable.
● Molicel Batterie de 363 Wh.
● ESC Hobbywing 12 S .
● Moteurs à courroie de 875 W.
● Vitesse de pointe de 28 mph.
gree autonomie de 12 à 18 miles.
● 6 mois de garantie.



● Slow mode : 0-9 mph/15 kph.
● Normal mode: 0-15 mph/25 kph.
● Fast mode: 0-21 mph/35 kph.
● Turbo mode: 0-28 mph/45 kph.

12-18 miles / 20-30 km.
Hill Climbing
● 20-25%


Who is this Tynee off road board for?
Tynee off road board is prepared for those who want to ride off road board on bad road conditions. enjoy the high speed (for example 40+km/h) riding experience on big all terrian wheels. don't want to get a too heavy or too expensive all terrain board. and pursue a very comfortable riding experience on pneumatic tires.

What are the advantages of 50.4V (12S2P) high voltage?
More Torque——Higher voltage can offer more torque. According to the output power P = U * I, at the same current ( I ), if the voltage ( U ) is increased by 20%, the output power ( P ) and the torque are increased by 20%.

Less Voltage Sag——All electric skateboard players will suffer a voltage sag. With the decrease of battery power and voltage, the torque and acceleration of the skateboard will gradually decrease. But the high-voltage electric skateboard solves this problem very well. Tynee off road uses a 50.4V high-voltage battery. When the battery is discharged empty, there is still 36V high voltage, which means that you can always ride at 36V~50.4V high voltage and suffering less voltage sag.

Reduce heat, More Durable——At the same power (P = U * I) , if the voltage is increased by 20%, the current could be reduced by 20%, and according to Joule's law (Q=I²Rt),the current reduction will greatly reduce the heat of the power system (motors, controller and battery), and the lower current will reduce the probability of failure of electronic components, prolong the service life, and make the power system more durable.

Increase Max Speed Without Sacrifice——There are many ways to increase the max speed, such as increasing the KV value of the motor or reducing the transmission ratio, but they all sacrifice torque and efficiency. However, by increasing the voltage to increase the max speed, there is no sacrifice, it fully retains the torque and efficiency. And it makes the acceleration at high speed very powerful and linear.


45km/h High Speed Riding without Speed Wobble——Are you scared when you are riding a all terrain skateboard with double kingpin truck at high speed? Now you don’t have to be afraid, Tynee’s off road truck is upgraded from the Paris V3 (RKP truck), it can carve very smoothly and is very stable at high-speed. You can enjoy high-speed (40+km/h) riding freely. there is no speed wobble at all.

Comfortable Riding with 150mm Pneumatic Wheels——If you want a more comfortable ride, then you need to choose the pneumatic tires. Tynee off road board use the 150mm pneumatic wheels and it will let you enjoy the real comfort on most of the bad roads.

Fantastic Carving on Tynee Off Road Truck——A high-quality truck with a length of 310mm, Upgraded from Paris V3. you can enjoy the fantastic carving experience on this RKP truck.

High-end Configuration

50.4V High-end Hobbywing Controller (ESC)——The most stable and smoothest Hobbywing controller in the eskating industry, The 50.4V high working voltage makes the output power stronger and the acceleration and braking curves smoother. And it's waterproof and dustproof, it's also the industry's leading high-end controller.

50.4V 12S2P 363Wh Molicel Battery——We reduce the working current by increasing the voltage, so that the whole system can maintain a strong power output and generate less heat at the same time, The smaller current also makes the battery more durable. Many manufacturers make the working current very high to get more torque, which is not safe and will greatly increase the probability of failure of the electric skateboard.

Hobbywing or Dongxingwei 875W Belt Motors——There are many motors produced by small brand manufacturers on the market, but the motor produced by big brand Hobbywing and Dongxingwei (same motor brand with Evolve GTR) has the advantages of more stable, reliable, lower noise, longer life and so on. The safety of the electric skateboard is very important. Choosing a big brand motor will be safer.

Real Canadian Maple Deck——Tynee off road board uses genuine Canadian maple deck and it’s produced by the same deck supplier with Evolve skateboards. It has the advantages of high strength, high toughness, proper elasticity and very good foot feeling. And since we use 150mm pneumatic wheels, It‘s unnecessary to use a flexible deck because the comfort is already very good, and using a too flexible deck will sacrifice some control experience.

OLED remote——You can see all the riding informations (battery. speed. range. gear...) on the remote OLED screen.

Remote On/Off The Skateboard——You can turn on/off the skateboard through the power button on the remote control. When you turn on the remote control, the skateboard will turn on at the same time. When you turn off the remote control, the skateboard will turn off at the same time. From then on, it’s unnecessary to bend down to turn on/off the skateboard. It is very convenient and easy to use.

What's in the box?

● 1 Completely assembled Tynee board.
● 1 Smart OLED screen remote control.
● 1 Certified adapter and charger.
● 1 Skate tool.
● 1 Charging cable of remote control.
● 2 Extra belts.
● 1 Manual book.
● Spare screw set.

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