Tynee® Mini 3 Pro Electric Skateboard - Best Torque

$799 $999

● Système d'alimentation 13S 54,6 V.
● Batterie Molicel P42A 393 Wh.
● Contrôleur avancé Explorer V2.0 80 A.
● Moteurs BLDC 2 775 W*2 6 355.
● Télécommande Explorer avec paramètres réglables.
● Feu stop intégré.
● Protecteur de pont avant et plaquette de frein.
● Bande antidérapante absorbant les chocs de 3 mm .
● Roues toutes saisons de 105 mm.

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Autres pays  : 3 à 15 jours.
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Nous offrons une garantie de 6 mois. Pour plus de détails, veuillez vous référer à notre politique de garantie.


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Puis-je atteindre la vitesse maximale et obtenir la meilleure autonomie lorsque je roule ?

Nos données ont été mesurées dans des conditions idéales. Certains facteurs pouvant affecter votre vitesse et votre autonomie sont : le poids du cycliste, le terrain, la résistance au vent, la température, la vitesse et le mode de freinage. Nos valeurs de date sont uniquement à titre de référence et, dans la pratique, il peut y avoir des différences significatives en raison de différentes conditions.





Tynee mini 3 54.6V voltage 13S power system

54.6V High Voltage

No voltage sag

393Wh Molicel P42A

90A discharge

80A Explorer V2.0 ESC

Advanced & powerful

Tynee mini 3 pro big motors

2775W*2 Motors

Aggressive torque

Tynee mini 3 pro explorer remote

Explorer Remote

Adjustable settings


105 Boosted Wheels

Best comfort & grip


13S (54.6V) High Voltage Power System

More power, more efficiency, no voltage sag.

The Tynee Mini 3 Pro uses a 13S (54.6V) high voltage power system. Compared to other boards that are 10s (and 42V), the 13S battery we use supplies more torque, quicker acceleration, a higher speed, greater efficiency, less voltage sag, and less generated heat. As a result of all of this, the battery in our Mini 3 Pro provides amazing performance and outstanding durability.

Molicel P42A 393Wh Battery 

90A discharge. More charging cycles. 

The battery is the most important and most expensive component of an electric skateboard, so we chose the best available—Molicel P42A battery cells. It can discharge 90A current. While many board brands use cheap, unknown battery cells, Tynee insists on using high-quality Molicel battery cells, which will safely give you better performance, greater longevity, and more charging cycles.

Tynee mini 3 electric skateboard molicel P42A 393Wh battery
Tynee mini 3 electric skateboard Explorer 2.0 esc

80A Explorer 13S V2.0 ESC

Super powerful torque, Adjustable settings.

On the Mini 3 Pro, we used the most advanced Explorer 2.0 ESC (Electronic Speed Controler) which is only for the flagship Tynee Explorer, which means that the Mini 3 Pro's torque is as strong as the Tynee Explorer! And it has all the advanced features of Tynee Explorer. In Explorer 2.0 ESC, we use the most advanced hardware and software, with greatly enhanced acceleration and braking, and you can freely customize your riding parameters by the remote. This is the most powerful and advanced short electric skateboard in history to date.

Two 2775W BLDC Belt Motors

Powerful torque, Excellent dynamic balance

Driven by the powerful 13S Explorer 2.0 ESC, we used the bigger 6355 motors. Equipped with the 90A discharge output of the Molicel P42A battery, making the Mini 3 Pro's torque easily reach the level of the all terrain electric skateboard. It's hard to imagine a board so small that its energy is even stronger than many all terrain boards. You may wonder why a short board requires so much torque? Because we want you to believe that no matter where you are, no matter how heavy you are, no matter how steep the hill is, you can easily handle it with the Mni 3 Pro. The feeling of surging power will make you feel like standing on a rocket, moving forward without hesitation.

Tynee mini 3 electric skateboard explorer remote

Explorer V2.0 Remote

Easy to use, adjust settings without App.

This is also the remote designed for the flagship Tynee Explorer, and it's also one of the best remote on the market. It is lightweight, simple, and has all the parameter adjustment functions. You can easily and quickly adjust any parameter you want on the remote without relying on an app. We have also customized legit mode and long range mode for you, and you can also see the percentage of battery, voltage, current, average battery consumption per kilometer, and other information of your board at any time. And it has a physical reverse button, which will make you feel more convenient and secure.

Tynee New Features

Adjustable Settings by Remote

In the past, you needed to adapt to your board. Now, you can make your board adapt to you. You can adjust ESC settings by remote. You can adjust the max speed, acceleration, braking and power of each speed mode. it's very simple and convenient. You can feel both the aggressiveness and gentleness of your board, and find the most suitable riding experience for you.

New Legit Mode

Is there a 20 or 25 km/h speed limit in your country? Or do you want to lock the speed and give it to your children? No problem. Tynee Legit mode will lock your speed to 20 km/h and disable the higher speed mode. You can activate or deactivate the Legit mode freely. After you deactivate it, you can ride at a max speed of 60 km/h. 

Smart Range Mode

Tynee has calculated the most energy-saving setting through the algorithm. If you want your board to run farther under the same power, you can use Tynee's range mode, which will give you an additional 20% range, In range mode you can still ride it at high speed. You can also activate or deactivate range mode as you like.



Concave Deck

Best concave design on the market.

The Tynee Mini 3 Pro uses the same deck design as Boosted mini because it has the best concave design on the market. It also features a kicktail to help you maneuver the board in small spaces. Made of real Canadian Maple by one of the industry’s leading deck manufacturers, we think it is the best designed, highest quality mini deck on the market.

Smart Turn On/Off

Use your remote to turn on/off the board.

Equipped with smart on-off function, you can turn on/off the board by your remote. When you turn on/off the remote, the remote will automatically send a signal to turn on/off the board. So you don't need to bend down to turn on/off the board. It's very convenient.


Built-in Brake Light

With 3 modes, controlled by remote.

Equipped with a built-in brake light, our Mini 3 Pro lets those behind you know when you’re slowing down. Or you can choose to have it always on for night cruising or flashing when in group rides. You can control these settings from the remote, and since it’s wired to the board’s battery you don't need to charge it separately. To switch between the different modes, double click the power button on the remote.There are 3 flashing modes:
1. Light comes on when braking
2. Flashing
3. Always on

Full Protection

Pre-installed front protector and brake pad.

All Tynee mini 3 Pro are pre installed with front protector and brake pad. The design is simple and beautiful, and they are made of high-quality nylon and fiberglass materials. They will protect your board and make it more durable.

Tynee mini 3 pro electric skateboard with boosted 105 soft wheel

Boosted 105 72A Soft Wheels

Super comfortable riding experience.

After the Boosted Board Company go out of business, we bought these wheels from Boosted's wheel manufacturer factory and re-branded it with Tynee's logo for sale. The design, materials, craftsmanship, and quality are the same as Boosted 105 wheels, but only the logo print is different. It will reduce the shock and improve riding comfort obviously. There are many special holes on the tires, which not only reduce weight but also improve shock absorption. The hardness of the tires is very soft, only 72A, so it is very comfortable.


Electric Skateboard Package Contents

What's in the box?

●  1 Completely assembled Tynee board.
●  1 Smart OLED screen remote control.
●  1 Certified adapter and charger.
●  1 Skate tool.
●  1 Charging cable of remote control.
●  2 Extra belts. 
●  1 Manual book (PDF).

* We will send you the local charger plug based on your shipping address.

Product Specification

Product ModelTynee Mini 3 Pro
Speed Mode
  • 1 mode: 0-12 mph/20 kph
  • 2 mode: 0-18 mph/30 kph
  • 3 mode: 0-24 mph/40 kph
  • T mode: 0-31 mph/50 kph
* You can adjust the max speed to 37 mph/60 kph by remote. 

● 26 miles / 42 km
● 31 miles / 50 km

Hill Climbing50%
Brake LightBuilt-in brake light, controlled by remote.
Max Voltage54.6V
Rated Voltage46.8V
Battery Cells● Molicel P42A
● Samsung 50S
Battery Capacity● 13S2P 393.12Wh
● 13S2P 468Wh
ESC Type80A Explorer 2.0 ESC
ESC Current80A peak. 50A rated. 
RemoteExplorer 2.0 remote
Smart Turn On
Remote turn on/off the Board
Adjustable settings
Yes, Adjust in remote
Regenerative Braking
Motor Brand
DXW 6355 BLDC motors
 * The same motor brand with Evolve boards.
Motor Power
Deck MaterialReal Canadian Maple+fiberglass
Deck Tpye
Concave with kicktail
Deck Layers8-layers 
Max Load330 lbs / 150 kg
Grip Tape3mm foam pad grip tape
Wheels105mm Hydro wheels
Tynee diamond truck. upgraded on Paris V3. 7 inches, 43°
Charging Time3-5 H
Brake PadPre-installed brake pad
Front ProtectorPre-installed front protector
Board Dimension29.92″ * 11.38″ * 5.87″ / 760mm * 289mm * 149mm 
Deck Dimension29.61″ * 9.25″ / 752mm * 235mm
Wheelbase21.89″ / 556 mm
Board Weight20.4 lbs / 9.25 kg
Warranty6 months

* Our data was measured under ideal conditions. Some factors that could affect your speed and range are: rider's weight, terrain, wind resistance, temperature, speed and brake mode.

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