Boosted 105mm 72A Soft Wheels

$119 $169

Après la faillite de Boosted Board Company, nous avons acheté ces roues à l'usine du fabricant de roues Boosted et les avons rebaptisées avec le logo de Tynee pour les vendre. Le design, les matériaux, le savoir-faire et la qualité sont les mêmes que ceux des roues Boosted 105, mais seul le logo imprimé est différent. Cela réduira les chocs et améliorera évidemment le confort de conduite.

Modèles Poulies Ceintures
Tynee Mini 2/3/3Pro 40T 5M265
Tynee Ultra/UltraX/Stinger 40T 5M265
Tynee Explorateur 40T 5M295


Durable: Made from the latest polyurethane composite material, these 105s wheels boast great wear resistance. Reduce wheel wear and lengthen service life.

Excellent Pressure Resistance: The105s wheels are processed with unique craftsmanship which makes them more resistant to large loads and stronger in terms of load-bearing capacity.

Strong Grip: The 72A PU wheels can completely adhere to the ground, providing superior grip no matter what the terrain is like.

High Load capacity: The wheels have increased load-bearing capacity under same diameter and width dimension.

Effective Shock absorption: The high-elastic design can effectively alleviate ground vibration and provide a safer riding experience.

Real-time feedback: Allows for timely understanding of skateboard conditions and road conditions for adjustments.

● The 105mm large-diameter wheels make it effortless to travel across various terrains.

Wheel size: 105mm diameter x 65mm wide, 72A Durometer

105s wheel x4

Note: If you purchase the belts, we will default to sending 5M265 belts. If you need different size belts, please send an email to after purchase.