Tynee Explorer ESC 2.0


Dear customers. Our new version Explorer ESC 2.0 has some out. This is a huge upgrade in hardware and software. We have doubled the MOS and copper bars on the hardware to enable it to carry higher voltage and current, and the torque and braking are stronger than before. We strongly recommend you upgrade this ESC to get a better riding experience. 

*If you are a Tynee explorer old customer. please use code ExplorerUser to get 50% off. After you ordered, we will check your email whether you are a real Tynee explorer customer. if you are not. we will give you a full refund and not ship the package. 

Q: Is it necessary to replace the 1.0 remote to 2.0 remote to use the New 2.0 ESC?

A: It’s unnecessary to replace the remote. Because the original 1.0 remote is compatible with the 2.0 ESC. We suggest you only upgrade the new ESC will be ok. But if you want to buy a spare remote. You can buy it together because you can also get 50% discount on the remote. 

* This ESC is only compatible for Tynee Explorer. It's not compatible for other boards or DIY.