Frequently Asked Questions

Overview Questions 

1. Is electric skateboard good for beginners?

Yes. Usually, you'll learn it in 1 minute, even if you don't have any traditional skateboarding experience.

2. Is electric skateboard safe?

Yes. High quality electric skateboard is safe. It uses regular and reliable battery, controller, motors, deck, etc. to ensure the reliability of your riding. It also improves the maneuverability of your riding by optimizing the acceleration and braking curve of the controller, so that you can control it at will. As long as you do not blindly ride at high speed on poor condition roads, it is very safe. However, please always wear a helmet.

3. Is electric skateboarding fun? What are its advantages over other electric commuting tools?

Electric skateboarding is super fun and interesting. Its essence is to add an electric power system to the traditional skateboard, so that you don't have to pedal the ground to push your board. You could just use the wireless remote to control the acceleration, deceleration, uniform speed riding and braking of the skateboard through Bluetooth connection. And Tynee use the Hobbywing controller which is the best in the world. Its acceleration and braking curve are super linear and smooth. You can control it at your will. And because you use the center of gravity of your body instead of the handle or steering wheel to control its steering, you will feel very interesting and exciting. Especially when you riding at the high speed like 35-45km / h, the feeling of breaking the wind is very exciting. In addition, it is more stable than ordinary electric commuting tools like scooter and Balance car since it has four wheels, and its weight is only 7-8kg, which is lighter and more portable than scooter and electric bike. It's the best electric commuting tools with fun and portability.

4. Is electric skateboard durable? How many years could it last?

This question depends on the design of the electric skateboard and the quality of the parts used. In order to pursue profits and reduce costs, many electric skateboard manufacturers use inferior accessories or use accessories that are inconsistent with the claimed quality to false publicity. For example, we all know that the deck made of Canadian maple is very good, so now even the most rubbish skateboard manufacturers on the market also claims their deck use Canadian Maple, but in fact they use very poor quality and very rubbish deck which we will never use. In addition, in order to improve the torque of the skateboard and win in the acceleration test, some manufacturers greatly increase the max current of the controller, which greatly increases the possibility of failure of electronic components. And too high current will lead to more heating (P = I2R), then high temperature will speed up the demagnetization of the magnet in the motors. For this kind of skateboard, the answer is not durable.

Tynee insists on only using regular and reliable parts to produce electric skateboards and combined with reasonable and reliable design, Tynee electric skateboards are very durable. For most people, as long as you take good care of it and keep it away from water, there is no problem in using it for at least 3-5 years and then maybe you need to replace the battery due to lithium battery decay. However. Even if you meet a small problem, the modular design of Tynee board make it very easy for you to replace the part and fix it.

5. What kind of company is Tynee?

Tynee is a pure electric skateboard B2C company. The founder graduated from mechanical engineering and automation major of a well-known university. The team of the company is very young, all born from 1990. Determined to make a difference and change the world a little bit. We want to be a simple customer oriented electric skateboard company, By making full use of the developed manufacturing industry in China, combines with the accumulated technology and experience in the electric skateboard field, make good products at good price, then remove all middlemen and sell them directly to customers on Shopify at a very low price, (Since Amazon charge 15% commission on sales which means customers need to pay an extra 15% cost of the price on Amazon. We use Shopify to sell the products to customers so that we could reduce most of the sale cost and give the customers the lowest price.). And we ourselves provide all kinds of customer service for customers directly. In the whole process, Tynee provides customers with good products and good services without any other hidden charges. Tynee is such a simple company.

About Products

1. Why do you have several kinds of electric skateboards? How do I choose from them?

Different electric skateboards are suitable for different people and requirement.

① If you are a beginner and want to experience the electric skateboard, please choose Tynee Board Classic. Which has good quality, good controllability and comfortable riding experience, and the hub motors need little maintenance.

② If you need more comfortable riding experience, please choose Tynee Board Belt. Which has better shock absorption effect, more comfortable riding experience and stronger torque.

③ If you pursue best controllability, best torque and best shock absorption, Please go directly to the professional Tynee Board Pro, which has the fastest acceleration, the highest speed, the best shock absorption and the most comfortable riding experience. However, the price is a little expensive.

④ If you want a portable electric skateboard, please choose Tynee Board Mini. It's small, but it's full of power. It's suitable for short distance riding, take it on bus or subway. It's very convenient.

Of course, the above skateboards are all high quality and great skateboards, no matter which one you choose, it's very good.

2. Will Tynee use inferior parts to assemble or produce skateboards?

Absolutely not. Tynee will only use high-quality parts to produce skateboards. The selected parts such as batteries, controllers, motors, boards, etc. are all produced by famous brand manufacturers. Tynee is a brand created by a group of well-educated, righteous and honest young people who don't cheat. What Tynee hates most is the crafty businessmen who are very old. Since the founders of Tynee started the business and met many dishonest businessmen, most of them are old businessmen without education. Tynee hopes to have a group of honest young people to enter the business field and create a honest business environment.

3. What are the differences and advantages of Tynee compared with other brands?

Tynee's product philosophy is practical and durable. Unlike other brands that usually do some gimmick publicity, Tynee really focuses on the core of the product, build the product with good quality and provide good customer service. And make it affordable for most customers. That's all Tynee does.

4. Can I ride Tynee board on rainy days?

It is not recommended that you ride it on rainy days or wet roads, because the wheels will skid when it meets water and you will easily lose control. In addition, water can also cause damage to the electronic components of the skateboard. So please do not riding on rainy days.

5. Is Tynee board rechargeable? Will the original charger match the voltage / plug of our country?

Yes, Tynee board is rechargeable. We provide the original charger together with the board, and according to your order address, we provide the charger corresponding to your country. So, don't worry

6. How can I maintain the battery?

There are several suggestions

① Do not always use the battery completely empty and then charge it. It is recommended to charge the battery when there is more than 25% left.
② If you want to store the battery for a long time, please charge it every three months.
③ Keep it away from water. 

About Shipping

1. How long does it take to arrive to my door?

Different countries have different times. Please refer to:

Countries or Regions Tax Shipping Options Shipping Cost Shipping Time
US Free Standard shipping Free 30-45 days
Fast shipping $99 7-15 days
Shipped from US warehouse Free 3-7 days
Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico Tax Fast shipping $199 5-7 days
Europe(Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain) Free Standard shipping Free 40-60 days
Fast shipping $59 8-12 days
Shipped from US warehouse Free 3-7 days 
The United Kingdom Free Standard shipping $145 45-70 days
Fast shipping $290 7-12 days
Switzerland, Norway Tax Fast shipping $199 5-7 days
Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Free Fast shipping Free 5-12 days
South Korea Tax Fast shipping Free 3-5 days
Australia Free Standard shipping Free 35-55 days
Fast shipping $39 12-20 days
Canada Free Standard shipping Free 35-55 days
Fast shipping $99 12-20 days
Japan Tax Standard shipping Free 15-25 days
Fast shipping $99 7-11 days
Taiwan Tax Fast shipping Free 5-7 days
Macao, Hong Kong Free Standard shipping Free 6-8 days
Russia Free Standard shipping Free 35-45 days
Philippines Free Fast shipping $199 5-7 days
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) Free Fast shipping $69 10-20 days
Indonesia Free Fast shipping $119 10-12 days
Belarus,Kazakhstan,Serbia Free Standard shipping $39 35-55 days

If you are in other countries or regions, please contact our customer support.

2. Do I need to pay extra tax?

If you are in the United States, the European Union (excluding the United Kingdom), Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates and Russia. fortunately, you do not need to pay taxes, because we have already paid the taxes to the customs during the shipping.

If you are in other areas, you may need to pay a certain amount of extra tax, the amount is generally not very high, it depends on your local customs charges.

3. Will I get a tracking number?

Yes, Generally you will receive the tracking number within 48 hours after you place the order, and we will send it to you through the email address you left on the website.

For most countries, the tracking information will be updated only when the package arrives in your destination country and finish the customs clearance. Then it will be given to your local UPS or FedEx. Then you will see the transportation route of your package through the tracking number.

4. Can I change my shipping address?

Please fill in the exact shipping address when placing the order. If you couldn’t confirm your shipping address temporarily, please do not place the order. After you confirm the shipping address you can place the order.

If you find your shipping address is wrong, please contact us in time and we will correct it for you as soon as possible.

If the package has been sent out when you contact us, UPS / FedEx will charge an additional fee for changing the delivery address. Unfortunately, this additional fee needs to be paid by you. Therefore, please make sure you fill in the correct address.

5. What should I do if the package is lost?

If the package is lost because of the logistics company. We will apologize to you first and send you a new package for free. Or you could choose a full refund.

About Warranty

1. If there is something wrong with my skateboard, how can I contact you?

You can call us or email us by “contact us” at the bottom of our website. Usually, please contact us by email first. If you could send some pictures or videos to show the problem in the email, that will be perfect.

2. How could you provide after-sale service during the warranty period?

Our customer service will first communicate with you to diagnose where is the problem. Then we send the replacement part to you for free. After you receive it, you can replace the broken part. Our skateboards are all designed to be modular and it's very easy to replace part. During this period, all the services, the shipping cost and replacement part are free (We are very confident in the quality of our skateboards, we believe there will be very few failures).

3. My skateboard is out of warranty. Can I still get after-sales service from you?

Yes, you can. You are welcome to contact us at any time and we will provide you with the after-sale service. But if your warranty is expired and you need to replace a part, you need to buy the replacement part on our website.

About Return

Can I return it?

We hope you don't do that. because it is very difficult to deal with the return of goods for our multinational business, that’s why most of the sellers declare that they do not accept the return.

However, although it is very difficult, if you insist on returning, we are still willing to protect your right and provide return service. If your package is unopened within 2 days after receiving the goods, you can contact us to return it.