Dear customers.

Now it's the biggest Christmas Sale of 2022. In order to keep it simple, we directly reduced the price. Today, we offer additional discounts. 

1. Buy 1 board and enjoy $20 off. Code: XMAS1

2. Buy 2 boards and enjoy extra 5% off. Code: XMAS2

3. Buy accessories and enjoy 10% off. Code: XMAS3

Tynee insists on using high-quality imported battery cells to produce each skateboard. Now all Tynee boards use Samsung or Molicel battery cells.

Tynee insists on producing each skateboard in its own factory. We do not hand over the production to other unprofessional manufacturers to save money.

Tynee insists on providing customers with excellent products and customer service. 

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We hope you enjoy your shopping. Thank you!