These are the batteries used for Tynee boards.

They are all high-quality batteries produced by regular battery manufacturers. You will not worry about their quality and reliability.

The 5.0 Ah and 8.7 Ah battery are used for Tynee Classic/Pro/Mini. The 7.8 Ah battery is used for Tynee Ultra. 

The 5.0 Ah battery is the imported 25R battery cells from South Korea’s Samsung. This battery has the advantages of reliable quality, high discharge rate (up to 40A discharge), and long service life. A limited number, while stocks last.

The 8.7 Ah battery is produced by China DMEGC. It is also very reliable, with large capacity and long range. If you often need to ride long distances, I suggest you choose this large battery.

The 7.8 Ah is a high-voltage battery with a maximum voltage of 54.6V and a capacity of 7.8 Ah. It can provide a powerful voltage output for the board and control a very small current, which will help you get more torque and protect your battery and other power components ( ESC and motor ) at the same time.

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